Focal Utopia Open-Back Headphones - Official Thread



I played with one at Headphone bar in Vancouver (didn’t listen to it though). The gentleman told me that it would be a next step up from my Element. I’m going to head over to the DAC/amp thread and check it out. One of the other sugestions was a Cayin DAC and a Cayin amp, I can find the Cayin combo on ebay for $600, it released as a $1000+ set but I really wasn’t feeling it when I listened to it. I get my MCTH here in the next couple days so hopefully that gives me a better perspective on what I want to upgrade to from the Element amp and El DAC.


You don’t need to go as far as the Pro iCAN to step up from the Element. Preference plays a part of course, but there are quite a few steps between those two units. Though, if you can afford it, it’s probably the biggest jump I can think of without going nuts on the budget (will have to hear the SPL Phonitor X at some point).


That SPL is nice, wish I had the time to visit @taronlissimore and listen to an SPL setup while I was in Vancouver. I find this hobby utterly fascinating, so many aspects and roads/rabbit holes to go down. I’m a huge technology guy also, but find this a much more relaxing/enjoyable hobby.


I did find one today 1k Loved that deal shipped. Only 1 week’s use. Bought 5 months ago.
I always preferred Matrix Xsabre. Now the new Pro has Es Sabre 9038
Talked with Arthur US distributor. He told me it was Matrix’s new Matrix Xsabre Pro that Es was showing off at the show.


Here’s a quick Utopia unboxing video we uploaded today:


Very nice unboxing review. Liked the humor as well as putting a face to the man. Mine were due in today and got messed up in a sorting error with UPS. :cry: Oh well tomorrow will do.


those headphones give me Lady boners (hard nipples)…Sorry if that isn’t PC… I’ll edit if it isn’t :wink:


I just love the look of those headphones. I think they’re the best looking headphones around. The Focal Clear’s are stunning too. If I had the cash to lay down then I would get the Utopias. I had a real Homer Simpson moment whilst watching the unboxing.


I’ll second that, especially since my expected arrival was due Thursday and have had sorting facility error. They’ve been in Florida 2 days and won’t be here until Monday :cry: Good old UPS The route went Pensacola to Tallahassee to Saint Augustine to Pensacola now to Lakeland.
Sorry for pouting.


Oh man, that would make me crazy. I hate waiting for deliveries. I am so impatient. I hope your Utopia’s arrive soon. Enjoy. I am so jealous.


Oh yeah right. But your wallet way better than mine now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That is an insanely good deal on the Utopia! Congratulations on finding that!

Hopefully they’ve arrived and you had the chance to listen to them over the weekend. As soon as I order a pair of headphones I watch the tracking like a hawk. Drives my wife crazy with how excited I get haha.


This! lol, currently waiting on my Campfire Cascade…Mobius…Sennheiser Jubilee…and the Hiby3 DAP, I’m sure I’m missing something…

Also @Carmantom that is one hell of a deal! I would have swooped on that in a heartbeat!


Sorry for confusion I was referring to ifi Pro iCan Torq for 1k mentioned earlier on this thread. Yeah! I wish that cheap on Utopias. Still I got great deal on them. :sunglasses:


Finally after the big UPS screwup I finally got my Utopias today. Unbelievable out of the box. I’m going to wait for any of my impressions. My first concern has been soundstage seem to be lacking depth. I spoke to Jason avsource. He said he’s heard that before and the Utopias need a good amount of burn in and they will open right up. He knows? I will wait and see. I’m having a real good feeling about these. I will be patient and let them burn day and night for awhile.

Does any body else relate to them taking a good while to burn in?


Words cannot express how absolutely magical these headphones are! Pick one of your favourite tracks and listen to it on a pair of Focal Utopias paired with a great amp and you will be amazed how many little details in the recording you notice that you hadn’t before. The resolution is second to none.

Two common criticisms I have read about is bass is a little light but to my ears its bang on. If you do feel that the bass is a little light though using the Elear pads on the Utopias adds a couple of DB to the bass.

The second is the cable is ridiculously long but you are not going to be walking around when listening to these headphones so I never found that an issue either. The best third party cable I’ve hear is the Black Dragon from Moon Audio for those who are interested.
I bought this headphones in Technovolume


Can someone tell me if the Utopias are as efficient enough as most people seem to claim to be driven by the amp part of the Chord Hugo 2 ? It’s due in a couple of weeks.
If I had to, I have a ifi Pro Audio iCan Amplifier laying around

If I was able to part with it, I would given my recent outlay for the above 2 purchases. ( Ouch ! )


As someone who has never listened to them, I can just point at the spec sheet and say that at 104dB / 1mW and 80 Ohms impedance, they should be very easy to drive power-wise.


I should have said " what percentage of the Utopias abilities would be brought out with just the Hugo 2 without a separate amplifier" ?
Mostly because I would like to put off buying a separate amp later or use My iFi Audio Pro iCan


I had a Hugo 2 for extended periods of listening, very good pairing with the Utopia. Too bad it cost way too much money at msrp.