Focal Elex impressions/Review



I wouldn’t say this is a straight progression from the HD6xx. The HE-560 and Elex are technically competitive with each other, but have different characteristics. The biggest step up is build quality: HiFiMan cut every corner except the drivers while Focal spared no expense on the frame, hardware, and pads.

I’m listening to the HE-560 on the P20 as I write this – it’s really, really pleasant! This may be the best <$500 combo on the market.


Old-school HE-560 is available for $299 on Amazon, so I guess that makes this a $400 combo. Pretty nuts.


@pwjazz thanks, didn’t know that!

Guess he had in mind the $99 for the balanced DAC needed to make the Loxjie P20 shine (Behringer SRC2496 being the most unexpensive).