Focal Elegia - Closed Back Headphones - Official Thread



Sounds like the Elegia are worth a try, at the least: it’s the tight clamp of the AFC that gets me. I’ll see if my pal with the Elex can let me try his for a bit sometime soon.


If you work in Seattle proper, I could meet up to let you try mine @Simonfish, @antdroid. I work near the stadium


That would be fantastic. I live and work close to downtown. Just let me know when and where.


I work at Vulcan, across from Uwajimaya, so if you are close I could meet at the Starbucks that is attached during lunch time, depending on how busy work is. I’m on a business trip during the back end of next week. So either Mon or Tues next week would be best, or even tomorrow.


I work a 5 minute walk from there. Tomorrow would be great. What time is convenient for you?


You guys might want to leave the particulars of your meet-ups in DMs, to avoid giving audiophile thieves easy access to some new Elegias. :wink:


I was trying to figure out how to do that. I might be too new to send DMs :blush:


I think that the Elegia is “better” it is closer to the Clear like @Torq has mentioned in his review. Also now that I have the Clear, I can corroborate that statement. I just got done letting @Simonfish give them a listen in a noisy Starbucks, and he seemed to enjoy them… but I’ll let him give his own input if he so desires. Simon, good meeting you, and chatting briefly about audio! One more for a potential NW meet-up maybe?


Too late. I already ordered them. Got a little nudge to bring me over the edge, so I should be getting them tomorrow.


Thanks for letting me try them, @DarthPool. They sound lovely, even with a lossy source and the din of a busy Starbucks. Nice, neutral sound, and no shortage of bass for me. Most important for me, very comfortable and much more work-appropriate than the Aeon Closed. I’ll be ordering a pair in the next couple of days.


I’m glad I could help with getting perspective to make an informed decision. I’m really enjoying mine in the office space, it’s a new shiny but it also is quite the nice pair of headphones.


Thanks everyone on this forum for making me a little bit poorer.


Very awesome! I’m very enamored with them and my new Clears. I’ll try and put something together eventually on both. I’m traveling next week, so hopefully I can get some head time on the plane.


I’m really regretting not buying the NiBL yet …


Aaaand I couldn’t resist, so I’ve ordered a pair now, too. I should have them next weekend - woot!


It looks like Focal is making everyone a little poorer at the moment. Though that’s what you get when you make great headphones. More than a little part of their success is with the build quality of their lineup. If your spending a good amount of cash you need to feel like your holding a quality product at the end of it.


Man, I am in the office and using my JDS Labs The Element…and it just sounds soo cold, and analytical, I’m missing my BHC, and now I’m really going to miss the Airist R-2RDAC. @Torq is the MIMBY a good alternative to the R-2R? I don’t want to pick up two of the same DAC if I can help it, but I really enjoy that sound profile. Plus getting different DACs helps me flesh out my abilities to tell them apart :wink: and I’m a sucker for diversity.


The Airist R2R DAC and Modi MB (especially the latest version), while both excellent, have rather different signatures. If you’re looking to get back some of that liquid-goodness of the BHC or the sweetness of the RDAC, then Modi MB is not going to do that.

And while the latest Modi MB (i.e. those that have been shipping for the last few months) is on par with the RDAC in general - it is still a different presentation. Bass is more impactful, tone is slightly purer - albeit without the RDAC’s “sweetness”, resolution is similar, clarity still just favors the RDAC.

One of the reasons I liked the RDAC so much is that, while there are technically better DACs available for less, there is nothing else with a similar signature at the same price (you have to start looking at things like the Holo Audio Cyan PCM or the lower-end Metrum units to get that, or maybe the baby Soekris DAC with custom filters).

The iFi Nano iDSD Black Label (“NiBL” to you) in “Listen” mode (and on the pre “GTO” filter firmware) might get you somewhat closer - but you’ve heard that one and it’s different too.

Sorry that’s not more useful!


Hmmm… Well, I did just order a rush delivery of the “NiBL” for my trip this week, I do agree the “NiBL” has a baby version of the sound profile that the RDAC provides… I may have to order another RDAC, or maybe look at the Cyan…the Cyan is a handsome unit…“no, bad Tyler!, you already spent too much on audio” says the Audio Angel on my left shoulder…“but those sweet, sweet sounds…you know you need them!” says the audio Devil on my right shoulder…


You guys are bad bad bad for my wallet!