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@dartpool, how do they affect the 58x (the newest set in my small collection.)?

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This would be the proper forum, I can jump on and give a quick impression later tonight if I get the time =)


Back on track!!! Elegia @Torq not helping my wallet at all with your impressions. I’ll probably pick these up sooner than later. Might have to fudge my budget a bit :wink:


Just before I have to get dressed up as Dr. Who (the 4th Dr. Who … for those that care/know about such things, and, of course, the one true Dr.) … and go party at the Seattle Aquariam …

I have posted my full review of the Focal Elegia. And this time it includes some basic, comparative, measurements both to the rest of the Focal line-up as well as to my other closed-back cans.

I’ll do my best to answer any follow-up questions, but right after the afore-mentioned party, I will be making a dash to the airport for California (where we plan to don mouse-ears and finish up Halloween Disney-style) … so responses may be delayed!


Great write up! Now I need to reconsider my next purchase… I was wanting to pick up a new Macbook or Macmini…but they might have to wait now…@Andrew and @taronlissimore can we limit @Torq from getting access to all this great gear? It’s bad for my wallet :wink: expect a purchase for these here soon from me.


Well… I look forward to getting these in the mail soon lol…


Thanks for the thorough review. This all makes sense, but also validates my decision to buy the Aeon Flow Closed just as the Elegia were announced. As I already have the Elex, the Elegia seemed too similar and not what I wanted for closed headphones.

Many of the characteristics seem roughly the same between the Elegia and AFC (e.g., non-overwhelming bass, listening in a void), but the AFC have a diffuse, gentle, harmonic character in the high range. This is a technical weakness (objectively), but it makes for more engaging and relaxing listening.

Note that I just bought a balanced cable for the AFC and have a balanced cable in the mail for the HD-600s. I intend to do a 3-way comparison between the Elex, AFC, and HD-600s using balanced and standard sources. So far I find the AFC (as closed and full range) to be much more precise and intense with the balanced setup. The profile shifts toward the Elex and becomes brighter and more punchy. The AFC also loses some fullness and diffusion–it becomes peaky and analytical.


Are you talking Tom Baker the one true Doctor? :slightly_smiling_face:. He was the best.


Brilliant review as ever. Made me want to buy a pair and I don’t even want need them. Great write up. Thanks.


But…‘Blink’ was with David Tennant…only the first viewing of Blink counts…


To be honest I think it’s the one you grew up with as a kid that you have a special place for. I liked them all apart from sylvester McCoy (not sure of spelling) and the one from all creatures great and small fame. I can’t be bothered to google it. Sorry. But you get my train of thought though.:grinning:.


I may have actually pulled the trigger on them after reading Ian’s review, but we (fiancee and I) both took yesterday off and decided to go Outlet mall shopping and accumulated the price of an Elegia on clothing and shoes, so there goes my new headphone purchase. lol. I guess clothing is more utilitarian than nice-to-have closed back headphones.


Oh, Tom Baker. Definitely my fave!


Yep, Tom Baker!

Though Tenant would be my 2nd favorite.


What do you need clothes for?:grin:


Most definately you guys. And I agree with your thoughts on David Tennant. To be honest I haven’t minded all of them since the one before Tennant, his name has slipped my mind. Matt Smith was a pleasant surprise too.


So far, very much so enjoying these! I now have to figure out if I want to keep my Cascades…


Hey all, new user here, long-time headphone geek in the real world. I currently have a pair of Aeon Flow Closed which I use at work for several hours/day, but they cause me some jaw pain so I’m planning to buy the Elegia in the next few days. However, I really want to put a pair on before I spend the $$$. The local dealer here in Seattle (Definitive Audio) doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to get back to me about when they’ll have them in stock, so I need to make another plan. In terms of fit/comfort and especially clamping force, are these anything like the Massdrop X Focal Elex? Any other Focals that you’d compare them to fit/comfort-wise?


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Hi! Another Seattle-lite! Have you tried to contact the Bellevue Definitive Audio? They seem to carry more headphone-related gear than the Seattle one, at least that’s what I recall. also offer very generous return policies and are also in the region.

I am extremely interested in the Elegia too, and own the Elex so I share the same questions. Ian mentioned in his review that these are slightly lighter than the Elex/Clear/Elear but have the same form-factor.

Would be interested in Tyler/DarthPool’s impressions too since he also has an Elex IIRC.


I own both the Elex and the Aeon Flow Closed. The AFC have more clamp/spring and are a bit tighter, but overall are more comfortable to me than the Elex. The Elex weigh more and tend to hang from the top of my head and rest on one narrow spot. The “U” shape of the Elex is more rigid versus the self-closing spring of the AFC. On the positive side, the lower clamp force and soft pads of the Elex are indeed easier on the ears/jaw.