Focal Elegia $549



Price: $549
Currency: USD
Ships to: North America

Available until listed as sold. Send me a PM if interested!

I have a pair of Elegias I’ve been using as my main pair of headphones for the past 2 months. I thought I’d sell them through the community as our inaugural buy and sell post.

I love the Elegias but I’m planning to spend some time with the Stellias for a few months so these should go to a good home.

They’re about as perfect as they could be for a two-month-old pair and they come with all the packaging and accessories. I’ll post more pics tomorrow.


Hi Andrew … I’ll happily take them. Not sure what the proper “i’ll-take-it” protocol is, and I don’t see a PM link (I’m sure it’s there, but I can’t find it :slight_smile:)


Hey Grumpy, sounds great I’ll send you a pm


Great photos, great deal! Congrats @grumpie


Seriously! great deal…I use my Elegia daily at the office!, in fact wearing them now!


Thanks all. Just so you know, I may have you guys call my wife, it is possible she might have a contrarian view on this :slight_smile:


Good for you grumpie! I would also be interested if you cannot take them😀


At least your music won’t be bothering her, as these are closed back!


Okay, @grumpie ended up buying a new pair so these are still available!


Good job @grumpie! Enjoy the brand new cans.

@andrew When will you have the Stellias in office? You have to report back with first impressions!


We’re expecting them early next week. Hopefully, we have 2 pairs on the way - it’s always a challenge to wrestle new headphones from @taronlissimore


Two pairs! I have this vision of you and @taronlissimore rocking out with dual Stellias in the office to the same tune. Though I guess you guys have the Sopra No 3’s for that…not that I’m jealous or anything :thinking:

Looking forward to your impressions :slight_smile:


Nah Andrew listens to a little too much classical for us to be rocking the same tunes. Although when we first got our Elegias the office was definitely pretty quiet for a while!