Focal Clear Open-back Headphones - Official Thread



I’ll let you decide what “low-end” means in this context … so these are just a price-ordered list of options that’ll pair well with the Clear, If it must be from

The AudioQuest DragonFly Red is also an option, if you need true portability (the units above all have internal batteries and can be used on the go, but are a bit easier to use in a more “transportable” fashion), but the units above all eclipse it in my opinion.

If you don’t have to buy something from (not that I’m suggesting you shouldn’t), then there are some other excellent options:


Thank you. I’ll probably look at one of those more desktop-oriented combos in the next few months. I’ll probably stick with e17 for portability before I upgrade.


I wanted to say thank you Torq for the advice. I went with Schiit Modi and Vali and have been very happy. I’m trying to decide if I’ll go balanced with Jotunheim or Liquid CarbonX in the next year.

I’ve been absolutely loving the Clears so much as well that I picked up a pair of Elegia that are waiting for me when I return from a trip.


You will really like the Elegia, if you like the clears!


That’s what I’m hoping :slight_smile: