Final Audio D8000 over-ear planar magnetic Headphones - Official Thread



This is the official spot to talk about the D8000


The D8000 is Final Audio Design’s first planar magnetic and open back headphone. Final is a company that consistently produces pretty good headphones but seems to fly under the radar in North America. I think the fact that most of their headphones have a pretty flashy look tends to not agree with North American style in comparison to the Asian market.

I did listen to a prototype model last year at RMAF though and these guys are bass monsters. People are going to really like them but at $3800 they up there competing with the LCD4 and the like and also out of reach for most people which is unfortunate. These are definitely lighter than the LCD4 so the comfort factor is definitely there!


Really expensive like many other top of the line headphones, unfortunately …


Ya unfortunately with the R&D and market expectations, it seems to be a comfortable price range for most companies and their flagships.

However, and don’t quote me on this, i did hear that Final Audio is talking about making some cheaper priced Planars. Whether comes to fruition only time will tell but it would be great to have a lot more variety in the Planar market!


Final has some really interesting details on their page for the D8000. As I understand what they’re saying, the D8000 is basically designed to be internally damped by the film inside of the driver and have a deliberately very leaky coupling to the ear, whereas a “normal” planar magnetic (for example Audeze’s lineup) will typically have a very tight coupling to the ear, with the pressure chamber in the pad providing substantial driver damping. As far as I’m aware, this is pretty much unique in current production planar magnetics, and Final appears to have made use of it to tune for a response which looks suspiciously similar to the Harman target.

Great to see original approaches in the high-end planar market, although I do wish that the pricing was a bit more affordable - I’d have liked to be able to justify a pair to try!