Favorite listening environment


i was reading a post in a different thread and it made me think of an important aspect of the experience…what is my favorite environment when i just want to relax and truly hear the music?? Dark…quiet, a comfortable couch or easy chair…the ability to simply drift with the music. Nearly as good…a campfire late at night, no other lights, outside so I can see the stars. Music is an escape for me and I don’t want anything to intrude as I loose myself to it.

What is yours?


Great topic, for me its on my reclining sofa with my GF where we can relax enjoying each others company, good tunes and a glass of wine. Out on my lanai watching the sunset is also pretty nice but it helps that I have a nice sunset view


I prefer to listen to my headphones in bed b4 I go to sleep. It is most relaxing and b4 u know it …zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Currently at the library about to respond to your post with my H9i on the keyboard, best place to be at while listening to music.


Where most of the magic happens… Little messy just finished putting the MCTH together on the desk, and hadn’t organized properly yet. In the picture I was wearing my HD800.


I enjoy listening while sitting in either of my Ikea Poang armchairs (home office or bedroom), after the kids have gone to bed.

I also enjoy listening with high isolation IEMs while solo air travelling as I can get hours of uninterrupted listening.


Easily enjoy listening to headphones at home. When it’s nice and quiet, I can enjoy open-back headphones and not worry about interference.


My favorite listening environment would be found on the cover of the UK edition of Jimi Hendrix’ Electric Ladyland.


A Destiny fan I see. You play on PS4 or PC? Also do you stream? I spotted the stream deck there…


I mostly play on Xbox one X, but I have it on PC. I play where my friends play and most don’t play on PC, which sucks because the PC version is far superior. I wish they’d allow crossplay or at least cross saves between PC and Xbox. Or PS4 and PC. I know it’s possible because during testing they would pull my Xbox character and let me play them on PS4…


I wish I had it on PC. Couldn’t wait that long and got it on PS4, where a lot of my other friends play. Crossplay would be fantastic.


No Not my most favorite listening environment…love holding my daughter while she naps but add plane…and we’ll all agree not the best even with Andromedas in my ear holes…

Edit: from the wife’s perspective…


No affiliation with this dealer down the road from me but thought it’d be Kosher to share his small shop to members. It’s definitely a top three for me…

Figured I’d post a link if anyone wanted to checkout arguably the definitive brick & mortar personal hifi shop in the America’s…not to take anything away from the Lissimore bros : )

website Once you see his selection you’ll probably think to yourself, “Where does he keep it all?”. It only looks nice on the outside; cupboards are jammed.




A relaxing puffy Reclining chair.

Sometimes headphones, sometimes speakers

A soothing double rye and branch calms the atmosphere