Favorite Gear Purchase of 2018


That’s quite a haul for a week!

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It was TWO weeks! :frowning:

[My motto is: It’s not how much you pay, it’s how much you can recover when you sell.]

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Oh two weeks = half as painful to the wallet… right? :slight_smile:

If you’re into pad rolling - the HE560 and Dekoni Elite Hybrid pads are great for comfort and sound.

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Great deals there. As you say you should easily be able to recover your initial outlay the headphones. And yes, it is a nice haul for a couple of weeks. :grinning:

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The total cost wasn’t so bad…it shifted my purchase dates and I got “2 for 1” with the headphones. The P20 was the only true impulse buy, and just $99.

I don’t pad roll if the basic sound/feel are good. The HE560s pads are thin and hard, but the sound is totally okay with the factory pads. All of my other headphones have superior pads except for the Grado SR-80e. [Kept as a reference and my wife really likes them.]



Nice, I’ll have to give them a go.



Ok here’s a couple more gear purchases. Sigh.

A cable for my focal and a Pioneer network audio/CD player combo with Chromecast built-in

Also got Focal Speakers/Sub combo. Really gonna stop now. :slightly_smiling_face:



So I got a set of Focal Bird speakers and the Pioneer network amp to replace my tower of stuff (Cambridge Azur Integrated Amp/Turntable/Integra CD Player/Athena Tower speakers). The Focal Birds are these (if even) 5 inch speakers that are about 10 inches tall with the stand, and they replace my 4.5 ft tall Athena AS-F2 speakers, which Sterephile raved about back when they came out.

While they don’t have nearly the low end performance, the soundstage and imaging and detail/clarity on these tiny little things is incredible. Focal really know what they’re doing, even on these tiny speakers. It’s awesome. The Focal Air Sub is coming in relatively soon to help the low end, so we’ll see how this will sound when that’s added to the system.

I have already ordered some DTS-PlayFi speakers to go wireless in the living room, but I’m having second thoughts now. I was intending to use these speakers downstairs in my den as part of a downscaling of the HTS, but now I want to get another pair to keep one upstairs too!

I think this is the year of Focal for Anthony. :slight_smile:



Where do you keep all this stuff?



Things go on sale used, to friends/family, or to Goodwill.



Hi friend…:grin:



Which Goodwill location might that be? :wink:



Would you consider the tin pro 2 considered an upgrade from EarPods? Also, I saw this on eBay for $20 it ships from China. Should I assume it to be legit? eBay link



Tin t2 and t2 pro should be an upgrade. I do like earpods with a layer of earbud foam too though! Cheap little mod that improves sound fit and comfort.



Getting back to the original purpose of the thread … as the last days of the year ebb away, I think I have my “favorite purchase” down to a much smaller shortlist …

Not 100% sure what’s going to wind up taking my top spot this year, but it’s sure been a lot of fun getting to this point and, for once, I’ve not come across anything that’s truly bad (last year had some real nasties along the way).



Beautiful photography as always. The Phonitor x is gorgeous. It’s aesthetics tick all the boxes for me. I’m also an iem man at heart and the 64 Audio tia Fourté’s quicken my pulse too.



I agree the SPL Phonitor X is a good looking bit of kit.



I finally got the tin audio t2. At first I felt they were superior to my EarPods; more sound stage, more expressive. But when I started playing songs with more instruments and varied Higgs and lows, the awful Sibilance came out. The treble feels distorted and it’s lacking in other aspects.
I use my iPhone 7 to play music from Apple Music. DRM protected mp3’s

Idk it just changes how the music should sound.