EQ? Anyone using one?


Yaaas. My style is either understatement or overstatement (unless in a “review”). With analog like Loki, I can choose to apply EQ AFTER the MQA rendering from the Dragonfly or xDSD. I have toyed with the Roon EQ, but it doesn’t have selections that fit my particular headphones. Or even my headphones that aren’t very particular.


A most interesting lecture. Learn something every day. I had never considered pad flap or whatever he calls it. I figured that pads are more of function of how much head sweat I wanted to induce rather than anything sonic (other than the dripping of sweat into my ear, usually stemmed by a barrier of ear hair in the past decade). Now there may be a reason to try pads or rich, crushed velour instead of Corinthian Leather. Or dime-store pleather.