Ear Buds Discussion


I have to disagree with some of the reviews of the Monk’s. I posted a few comments is other forums as well. These have become my EDC’s.

I have the Massdrop version and I think they have a lot of air and a lot of depth in the sound. Separation is good and I believe they sound much better than they should at this price point. Maybe it’s a quality control issue. Mine sound great from my MBP or my iPhone.

I guess I will have to get a point of comparison. Suggestions?


Other than the Monks, where do the Apple earbuds fall in this category? Not the original. The ones that come with an iPhone 7, 8, or 10. They angle as @Brause suggests is a better direction. Are they IEMs or earbuds?


It’s not a quality issue, I’ve owned three of them and they all sound mediocre to me. I highly recommend trying out the Yincrow X6 or RW9 as a start. I also prefer the Monk Lite 120 ohm over monk plus but it also is pretty veiled sounding.

I also got a new set of Faael Iris 32 ohm and they sound good and are $8 on Amazon with prime delivery.


@antdroid, have you spent much time with the Iris yet? How does it compare with the Yincrow?


Since we have a snow day here in Seattle, I have some time to listen to them and give impressions:

Tegan & Sara - Goodbye Goodbye
The Civil Wars - Poison & Wine
Chris Stapleton - Broken Halos

  1. Faael Iris 2.0
    Good bass response. Wide soundstage. Female Vocals sound veiled. There’s something funny sounding about the upper mids. Male vocals sound good. Females not. Vocals are more forward than Yincrows

  2. Yincrow RW-9
    Better bass response and punchier than Iris. Some veiled female vocals, not as bad as Iris. Medium soundstage. Most balanced of the three.

  3. Yincrow X6
    Punchier bass. Vocals sound more natural but more recessed. Wider soundstage than RW-9. Most V-shaped.

Of the three - I still like the Yincrow X6 or RW-9.

The PMV B01 AOEDE, I just got, $30, is the best of the four, by far. It’s got a lot of what I liked about the Rose Masya, but without as good bass response. It’s $70 cheaper though.