Do We Discover New Music -- or Our Old Music Again?



I’m about 75% ‘my’ music and 25% new music. That said a lot of my ‘new’ music is old. I’ve been following links between a cover that is in my music to the original artist, I take a lot of twists and turns in researching a song and find more ‘new’ music that leads me on to more ‘new’ music. Not sure if that makes sense, but an example was reading some article on Alvin Lee (Ten Years After) which mentioned Big Bill Broozney’s influence which led me to download a bunch of his recordings, which led me to other older blues artists.
I do listen to current music, find that alternative stations are of way more interest than the pablum that passes for pop.


I look at originals and covers a lot also. Sometimes I create playlists of covers of songs like “Route 66” or “Stardust”, “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” or “Santa Baby”