Decibel Danger


Something that has helped me a great deal with this is volume leveling (e.g. ReplayGain). With all my music at the same level, I can set my volume very deliberately at the beginning of a listening session and then never touch it again. Prior to using volume leveling, I constantly fiddled with the controls, turning up the volume when a quieter song came on. Invariably, I would forget to then turn the volume down again, or just not turn it down as far as I turned it up to begin with :wink:


I too started using it recently but was cautious at first of losing any dynamic range from the sound. Though it seems fine to me.



I had the opportunity to have an audiologist check my hearing. I was having some balance issues. I was relieved to be told I had slight upper frequency issue in one ear. Given my age at 68, I felt quite good, given the huge strain I’ve put on them over the years. I know today when volume level is too high. It’s when I begin to hear a very small ache in them. Loud volume for me makes the notes bleed into the black space (silenceI), which is as important to me as the notes. For me it begins to lose detail. My ears know the right volume when I set the volume know just right.

I highly suggest going to an audiologist and check out your ears. It’s better to know if ones volume needs toning it down. This way I can continue to go on with my " Happy Listening "


I feel like I have lost a little upper range hearing. I haven’t been to see an Audiologist. I think going to the an Audiologist isn’t as common as it is in the US. Unless you use your ears as part of your job it’s something that most people wouldn’t do over here in the UK. In the UK you’d only go see one if you suffered from hearing problems at were getting symptoms. I don’t know what my GP would say if I asked him to refer me to an Audiologist just to check my hearing out. I mean it is possible that you can do this and that I am ignorant of the service that the NHS provides. I think that our respective Health Services work differently. My Wife is a senior nurse in the NHS and at present it’s being cut to the bone. It’s really struggling at the moment.

Anyway the fact is that I could do with my hearing getting checked out. I haven’t had it done since I was a child age 8-10 years old and that’s over 40 years ago.



I accidentally ran into it because of walking balance issues. If that’s any kind of issue for you an ENT Dr. Might refer you.


Thanks for the reply. I don’t really have any pressing medical issues with my ears. Just that I haven’t had them tested in so many years. Taken online tests, although not very accurate I suppose. But I can’t seem to hear past 13khz.