DAC/AMP Upgrades and Sidegrades Discussion


I’m in California so I’d assume it wouldn’t take much longer. Did they notify you with a tracking number at least?


That’s great to hear. I had some really cheap DAC and just-ok headphones (SHP9500S) when I first got my MCTH. So after a few songs, I just let it passively burn in for 100hours. By then, my HD600 and D50 came in, and life has been good :smiley:

It really is an excellent amp!


Ordered at 07:15 on 05/06, no shipping notification yet.

At the meet on the prior day, Dan had mentioned that it might take a couple weeks longer than normal for everything to ship as a result of the increased demand from the sale.

I’d expect some differential in shipping dates for those that ordered JUST the Crack vs. those that did the Crack/Speedball package.


That explains a lot, I didn’t get the speedball (yet lol).


I’m thinking it’s the Speedball purchasers that will see the longer shipping times. But if @DarthPool also bought the Speedball upgrade that’d shoot holes in my theory.


I did get the speedball upgrade…


I’ll probably dig into this either this weekend or next week, I want to do a lot of custom woodwork and add ons. So I probably won’t get it done very quickly, but that is why I have the MCTH to hold me over lol…


Damn, this thing is just…damn… Very impressed by this, and I’m not even past the break in! Also it’s official I’m in love with tube glow!


If you love the tube glow of the CTH then the BH Crack will be even more eye candy :sunglasses:


Did you start building your Crack yet?

And did you decide on how you are going to “finish” it.

Mine showed up last week, and I’m waiting for the paint I’ve decided on for finishing the top-plate (hammered bronze) and woodwork (metal-flake candy apple red) to come in, as well as for some alternate capacitors, before I can put the thing together.


I’ve been slowly putting it together, I went with a flat black all the way around for paint, but I have been talking with my buddy who has all the woodworking tools about spending a weekend designing another box to put it on/in/rest on top? I’ll post pics of the current progress… I have not started soldering yet just paint. I was also going to go with a bronze/copper finish for the top but decided to go black.


Deep black…I have some ideas on hiding the seams that hopefully I’ll get to this weekend.


Reminds of me “Disaster Area’s” stunt ship in HHGTTG … :wink:


Such a great book! I need to read it/listen to it again.


The slow progression of building my crack… between being a noob at electrical / soldering and having a under 2yr old running around it can be problematic finding the time to dedicate and get this project done. But man is it fun!!!


Slowly getting there… @Torq do you know any good stores to buy better components? I’ll start soldering in the next couple days…


Parts Connexion, Sonic Craft are a couple of the more boutique-specialty vendors I use.

And then Mouser and the like for a broader array of parts.


Thank you! I kind of don’t want to start soldering until I get all the other parts in place I want on there


I follow the same rule of thumb. I don’t pick up the iron until I have my full BOM sourced and in house.


That stealth black look is pretty sweet. Update us on what aftermarket parts you end up adding on. I plan on building a Crack someday and it would be cool to hear which parts seem worth upgrading.