DAC Amp Suggestions



Besides the Schiit products, would the FiiO Q1 Mk II be a good choice?


The Q1 Mk2 sounds pretty good for balanced output and a portable amp. It wont compete with a normal desktop amp, even a small one though.

I also dig the ES100 as a small portable balanced amp.


Haven’t heard the Q1 MKII but honestly I like my old gen 1 Fiio E17. I take it with me on planes and rubber band it to my cell it with either my Porta Pro or my HD 25-1 ii make a nice little portable combo! The built in EQ is handy to, but portables are of course good in portable situations. If you don’t need or think you’ll use your Dac on the go then no need for a portable!


I have a FiiO E12a Mont Blanc portable Amp and though it doesn’t get much usage it is a great piece of kit. Sounds nice and had plenty of power for iem’s and low impedance cans. Though I wouldn’t use it for something like my HD650. It powers it but the sound lacks body and feels a little underpowered. Good portable Amp though.


Thanks, @prfallon69.

I was thinking of the FiiO strictly as a DAC to connect to a more robust headphone amp for desktop use at home and as a portable DAC/AMP when at work.

The alternative would be to stick with Schiit for both pieces and just use my Dragonfly Black at work. I’m driving HD58x at home and Sennheiser PC100 at work.

And I’m searching for a good closed back or semi-open set for home that doesn’t require the sale of a kidney.



My current favorite mobile DAC/amp…$200

Hooked up to the Element at work.