Current Set-Up Pics - Official Picture Thread


Musical Fidelity X-Can v.3 Headphone amp
Musical Fidelity X-Can v.3 CD player
Sennheiser HD600 Headphones
powered by PA Audio P600
I’ve had these a number of years and am happy. The difficulty is finding a way that can result in something definitely better.


This is no longer my setup, but it’s a nice picture with a tower o’ gear.

  • DAC 1: Sonic Frontiers SFD-1 MKII SE+
  • DAC 2: MHDT Labs Orchid (modded)
  • DAC 3: Schiit Gungnir Multibit (on loan)
  • Amp 1: Cavalli Liquid Crimson
  • Amp 2: Eddie Current Super 7


LOL…I feel humbled by seeing the other set-ups.But i am happy with this KISS(Keep It Simple Stupid) setup.


Just received some limited edition Audeze LCD-3s made with maple wood and the carbon fibre headband suspension system. Paired them up with the SPL stack and I am currently in absolute heaven. The Audeze house sound pairs so well with the SPL stack.


Going broke reading this thread :sweat:

Currently rocking a Hegel HD10 > STAX SRM-1/Mk2 > STAX SR-007 Mk1 + L300 Ltd.

Not pictured is a Beyer DT150. Also waiting on a BH Crack and a 58X Jubilee


Desktop: HD800/Fostex X00 PH, Focal Elex, second pic is my franken M1060s ( I think they are great cans for modding and making your own). All powered by JDS Labs The Element and El DAC. Oh and JBL 30Xs.
I also have the HD700 which I really enjoy also.

Cheaper Planar Magnetic Options

I am just floored by the set-ups pictured here. This is the place to be to talk headphones. And I don’t even understand some/much of the postings. :confused:


Sorry I missed out on checking this setup out. I’ll have to make another trip up to Vancouver soon, maybe during a meetup? I did get to try the Cascade, Hifiman Sundara, LCD2, HD800S (I didn’t really notice a difference between my Super Dupont mod on my HD800 to these) and the Focal Clear. I now want to A/B the Focal Clear with the my Elex. The biggest take away for me was that I need more amps/DACs to play with lol.


For the grouse grind we decided to bring the bear necessities…


Haha the funny thing about this hobby is that the general takeaway is usually needing more stuff haha. How’d you find the Cascade compared to the LCD-2? Was it the wood or the LCD-2C?


A few picture of my “setup” over the past few years:


Just the wood, I actually really liked the Cascade, dare I say I liked it better than the LCD-2. Yeah more stuff is very nice! I just have to keep it under control…Wife is understanding but doesn’t like clutter. My current setup is in the living room so that I can be on the computer while hanging with the family. Eventually would like to create a audio/gaming room just for these hobbies.


Arr matey… I found me some headphone treasures. :heart_eyes:



Headhunters :+1:


Modded HiFiMAN HE-6; WireWorld Silver Eclipse headphone cable; 4-pin xlr


As more of a musicophile than audiophile, here’s the mobility-oriented equipment I’m using 80% of the time. I use the best I can given weight, space, sweat, noise, and weather constraints. I’m not gonna haul out the rest of my equipment right now, and am finding it less necessary anyway.

Clockwise from the top:

AudioQuest NightHawk Carbons
Focal Elex with a ridiculous XLR-4 to 2.5mm balanced adapter
FiiO Q5 Bluetooth Amp/DAC with a factory case (sleeve)
iPod Touch 6 with a “don’t lose it, don’t confuse it” skin
BeatsX IEMs in their little silicone oval case
Sony WH-1000XM2s in their big oval case


Comparing amps with different sources has been interesting.


" Showoff " :sunglasses:

Just kidding. Keep up the great work with your reviews. " Love them "