Constructive criticism for the site


This is only really a problem for me because I tend to write absurdly long PMs, but perhaps having the option to replace the “Preview” function to the right of the draft with the body of text one is replying to while in full-screen mode would be useful. It’d reduce the amount of scrolling people would have to do, if anything.


HTML entities don’t seem to work in titles. Is this a bug or a feature? I tend to use entities when I write to get n-dash, m-dash and several other symbols. I guess some are available with alt codes, but not everything, and if the entity works, I’m pretty sure it will display correctly on all devices.

2 days later edit… It may have been operator error. I just caught myself trying to write the entity with standard spelling of “em-dash”. That would be wrong.


Nope, it wasn’t operator error. Alt codes work, HTML entities don’t. In text, HTML entities are fine, but not in titles.