Constructive criticism for the site


That sort of depends on how you choose to set up your navigation. Not sure how browser-dependent it is. Generally, I use Opera, but occasionally Chrome or IE, or Safari. Edge, not so much.

When I log in, IF I start at the default, there are boxes which let me select CATEGORIES, TOPICS, etc. Clicking CATEGORIES gives me the view you just described. There are other ways to get there also.

But, if you land on the site, see some numbers or replies under your icon and click there, you don’t get to the CATEGORY selection screen unless you make an effort.

It would be nice to have the CATEGORYS, TOPICS, etc available from a button or drop down from any screen.

REMEMBER - if YOU had any issues then OTHERS will too. The general rule is that one or two out of 100 will say something about the problem.


Funny you said that I just posted to your thread and hope I learn more about classical music. Although I love it, I find it to be a vast journey. I also look forward to more on your thread.


Might be a nice idea to add a bit more to the pinned and newbie areas pointing to the introduction topic. New users should be encouraged to participate.

I just found the users function where one can look up users. That’s useful, but it seems to show a lot more people who just visit and don’t post. I’m sure I know Denver Dan from somewhere else… not related to headphones.


I appreciate that people can see who gave them a like. I personally like to dive deep into discussion sometimes, which can come across as confrontational, but I think being able to show that I actually like the content about which I’m asking questions helps underscore the friendly nature of the discussion.


Oh that comment is :hearts: bait.


Sucker… I fell for it too…lol :wink:


where is “home” for “Headphone Community,” “the Lissmore Bros?” I live 50 miles outside of NYC. My perspective is NYC;Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center,local radio WQXR. My favorite orchestra is the Cleveland Orchestra.


I can say emphatically, I have never heard anything come out of your posts that has ever seems like confrontational. Over many years and many forums, I can say for sure I know what confrontational is. It’s a clean forum we have here. I can’t remember anyone being flamed either. Thanks for all you teach me.



Maybe it’s my penchant for circular thought, but I wanted to make a link in a post to content that I would like to have reside on the server. So I tried to make a message to myself, but the system doesn’t allow that. I ended up making a message to @discobot, and then linking to the topic of that message. Which is kludgy. And I can’t remove @discobot from the conversation.

If there were private note or scratchpad pages, then we could create works of idiocy at leisure, and link to them efficaciously in the open fora.

eh? What’s he talking about??


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


It’s probably been asked for - I haven’t read this whole thread - but… may I please have a “mark forum read” button?


The one thing I want is a way to limit the resolution of posted pictures (as opposed to just the file size of uploads).

There are tons of images getting uploaded at 12 megapixels (typical cell-phone camera resolution) that’d be just as effective at 1 megapixel (1024 x whatever) and that don’t need to be zoomed in … especially where typical monitors can, at best, manage 2-4 megapixels.


Alternatively, the website could do some processing and cut the size down. Faster loading, etc.


raises hand guilty of this… but in my defense most of the time it is due to posting from my phone and not having access to my personal computer. Once I start playing with photo editing more I would be happy to attempt to downsize…



Congratulations :star: on what looks like your new title as “Managing Editor” . Well deserved.

Re: Pictures, I also was lazy about this and glad you pointed it out to me, while you were editing my review. I use my Mac and its such a no brainer to pull up in Preview-Duplicate-Resize. It adds about 20 seconds to the lazy way. I’m glad you pointed this out.


Congratulations Ian.



Simply . “Stay the Course” . It doesn’t take much to see how civil, thoughtful and helpful our community is.

All it takes is an occasional visit to some of the other forums to appreciate it. I had to leave one just now because the fighting and condescending was creeping me out. :scream:

Thanks gang .


I agree. I frequent r/headphones daily and as of late I seem to be getting flack for no particular reason I can see. It can be an aggressive forum at times and it’s a part of the forum I don’t care for. I don’t go online for conflict.



I will ensure any further pictures I submit will be at or around 1 megapixel.



Can we compress the headphone reviews. IDK? A topic/line for every single headphone can be hard to follow.