Constructive criticism for the site


Thanks for getting it fixed!


Unfortunately a mute/block on a user to user basis is not implemented in the main forum coding and as far as the developers are concerned, probably won’t be. You can read their thoughts on the matter here. I don’t necessarily agree with their stance but they have also made a lot of great features.

There is the ability to mute notifications from users if you go into your preferences and hit notifications and just type in whatever users name you don’t want to receive notifications from.


I’m having a lot of trouble using the site on my phone. The website itself works well in a mobile browser, except that it constantly asks me to sign in again. I suspect that it’s doing that every time that my IP changes (which happens a lot on mobile networks). Is that a setting we could disable?

I tried installing the Discourse App on my iPhone, which does manage to keep me logged in, but I’m not able to actually post/reply because the keyboard never shows up.


That’s very strange.

I use the website on my phone quite a bit through the browser and haven’t experienced that issue even with my IP changing. I will take a look into this and see if I can find a reason for it.

I don’t actually use the Discourse app but I can look into the theme code tonight and see if there is something preventing the keyboard from working properly.


I just downloaded the app and am using it to make this edit. Having no keyboard issues. Are you able to take a screenshot of what you are seeing?


So I went in to take a screenshot showing my keyboard issue, but now the keyboard shows up?! If/when it happens again, I,LL grab a screenshot. Thanks!


Leave it to computer chips and software sometimes they have minds of their own




I do know that Discoure implemented a forced logout when a 500 error occurs so that instead of getting a 500 error page it just shows that you need to log back in. From what I cansee it looks like it was solved in March of 2017 but it was a re-occuring issue so it may be happening again.


I’d really like to have a dark mode/theme.


There is one! Hopefully @taronlissimore can jump in and explain how to activate it. (I know he uses the dark theme)


I’m using it, and it’s really nice.

Click your face at the top right -> Preferences -> interface -> select dark theme -> save. Looks like this in dark mode:


I didn’t know about dark theme. I love it. My Samsung tablet had thin and gray type. It was almost unreadable. Thanks


I use the dark theme also, it is in the user settings.


Could you please remove the blue fade-out animation of the first post of threads or create an option to disable it?

I’d like to be able to expand the first post in a thread, like on Reddit, or view the first post by hovering over it, like on Linus Tech Tips, so that you don’t have to go into the thread to see if it’s relevant to you.


I’m still feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of threads. Maybe if it can be organized into specific broad categories such as Headphones(any discussion of single headphones or comparisons of various headphones),IEM’s(as above),Headphone amps,Wires(interconnects,power supply etc), Music( could be sorted by type of music). Maybe it’s just me but I see new threads,many very specific, and a burst of activity and then a trail. The two Music threads I had hoped to chat was the Jazz and Classical threads. But I may be mistaken but both threads seem to have little activity. Otherwise,I listening much more on my headphones than before I joined this community. Thank You.


Hi Frank - I think in some ways I have the same problem. I think it’s partly growing pains - As more people come aboard, they will read and add their comments - if, as you point out, they find the topic. With the number of people here, right now, it’s easy to comment on new stuff that comes out. But once you know that I just like Beethoven’s 6th, and that I have 2 recordings of it… well I don’t want to bore people just talking about how nicely the third movement blends with what came before. And though I get inspired by the talk, if I want to write about it, I need to take time to listen…

Too many elipsis … I think I need to go to sleep. I’m confident that this will get solved. Meanwhile, consider asking people’s opinion of something in Jazz or Classical. That can often get some insights.


Have you tried the existing categories?


ok… i will work on that today… Thanks for the reply.


pwjazz or someone else. I posted this in the classical music thread
frank_gyure2Founding Team


Ok… I am going to start reviving/revving up this. First of all,if anyone is a classical music listener(majority of music listened to is classical) PLEASE JUST POST HERE AND SAY HELLO. etc etc etc

who will see this post? will everyone see this post. I am trying to revive the Classical Music thread. If that get’s going,I would like to revive the Jazz thread…Thanks,Frank


pennsta…pwjazz gave me a good answer. If you look to the left side of the screen/website,there are general categories and threads that belong in that category are housed. It’s a huge help.


ok… i am starting to get the hang of the organization here