Closed back headphones



The few people that I’ve seen talk about them weren’t favorable. The 1060c are really good and can be had for $200-$240 usd on sales and used.


Thanks for reminding me about the Thinksound ON2. I kept waiting for them to drop again. However I was able to get them from Amazon for 86 bucks with my cash back.

These are very pleasant and isolate very well. While I work, the ac vents (too small) can be distracting with open phones. Nice to have background silence while listening while I work.

My ears have gotten used to the pressure, no more discomfort, even with glasses.

At one point, they seemed to be too much, with the bass seeming to bounce back and forth between my ears and the phones. I actually felt too much pressure from the music and it became fatiguing. That has disappeared and I have found that I can mitigate it more with different heights (top of the ear,bottom of the ear)


Mine just shipped today. I am buying them for my wife. Tons of great reviews and pretty cheap. I am sure she will be THRILLED with them. I am curious to see how they fare against some big boys.