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I am posting this “new” thread but this is an invitation to all members of The Headphone Community. There is a group of us who are trying to revive the Classical Music thread. If ANYONE is already into Classical Music or is interested,PLEASE JOIN US. On a practical level,the more people there are in a thread the less everyone has to “work” to keep that thread alive and ongoing.I am hoping that the JAZZ thread will be revived by a “leader” to get that going again. I like JAZZ and Classical Music and I am investing my time into the Classical Music thread/group/discussion.I like POP just to dance to, I can invest some time into the the JAZZ thread but two threads are a lot of work. There is already a JAZZ thread but the lack of involvement has made it virtually disappear. This thread should not be a new thread. Please look for the original JAZZ thread and let’s take it from there. LOOK AT THE LEFT OF YOUR SCREEN AND LOOK UNDER… ALL THINGS MUSIC.


Again as in the Jazz genre I am still trying to find my way. I like classical music but don’t know very much at all about it. I am not a musician so don’t understand a lot of the nuances of classical music. I just like to listen to well recorded stuff.



prfallon69… i posted this thread to invite people back to the original JAZZ and CLASSICAL music threads. Take a look on the left of your screen and find the original thread. I have three big postings coming up on the Classical Music Thread. On of the topics I will talk about is;What is Classical Music?


Thank you. I will read through again and I look forward to your postings as always. Some of the technical discussions are beyond my experience but it’s good to learn.



hi… prfallon. I hope you check into this discussion group once in a while. I really hoping that more people will kick in. Classical Music is all around us. Tschaikovsky’s 1812 Overture is used for many a fireworks. Richard Wagner’s Ride of The Valkyries is unmistakable. Used in the film “Apocalypse Now.” Giochino Rossino’s William Tell Overture(an opera) was the theme song of the “Lone Ranger TV Series.” Classical Music is all around us and we may not even know it.


Hi Paul… I see you like well recorded stuff. Can you imagine recording a “big-band,orchestra” usually comprised of 100 musicians that may range from the softest of sounds;pianissimo(soft and lower volume) through fortissimo(louder). And there are even volume descriptions that go beyond these two term;subgroupings of how muc louder and how much softer. Must be a nightmare for any recording sound engineer.But please take a look at the main Classical musical thread under “ALL THINGS MUSIC” and the JAZZ THREAD under “ALL THINGS MUSIC.”…Frank


Thanks I will.



That is so true. A lot of the classic adverts on television are often accompanied by a classical score. And as many audiophiles know the work of John Williams is famous the world over in the movies he writes the score for. I found it astounding when I looked a little deeper into just how many scores he’s written for movies. I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to classical music but if it’s well produced then I can pretty much listen to anything. And of course it’s very simple to get great downloads from Spotify now. Classical playlists are there already you don’t even have to put in the work. I am currently just trying to familiarise myself with the different composers whom I haven’t heard much of before. Currently I am trying to get into Rachmaninov. I like the energy he puts into his works. My current favourite is Piano Concerto No3 in D minor played by Yuna Wang.



Rachmaninov is the last of the true “Romantics.” He was derided for writing “old-fashioned” music. IMHO…he was in the Tscaikovsky tradition. Rachmaninow was old Russia…Tsarist,Imperial. Rach had nothing to do with the Soviet Russia. With Rachmaniinov…you hear “old” Russia.


He’s it can be heard in his music. I gets very grand at times a lot of pomp and circumstance. But still beautiful. And this can be heard in its playing. It must take great skill to be able to tackle such a piece and give it life. I like the stuff with a little gusto in parts. Still trying to find a path through it so as I can find what I like. But there’s just so much of it to get through it’s hard to know where to start. I have started with all the usual suspects and am trying to do a bit each day but at present I am just working through compilations and playlists from Spotify. I have a few compilations on CD too but nothing people would get excited about.



:scream: “OMG” :scream:

Maybe some of you have read this about a Symphony recently in Malmo Sweden

This is the quote:

Rustled bag of gum leads to ‘violent attack’ during Mahler’s 5th Symphony

The rustling of a gum wrapper during an intense performance of Mahler’s 5th Symphony in Sweden last week led to a “violent attack” in the audience after the gum-rustler smacked the glasses off a young man who grabbed the pack of gum from her and threw it on the floor.

The Washington Post reported that the attack occurred during a symphony in Malmo. Witnesses told a local paper that the woman who rustled the gum sat quietly after the man tossed her gum. When the crowd applauded Andris Nelsons, the conductor, after completing the Adagietto, the gum-chewer smacked the glasses off the man’s face. The paper said her male companion squared off with another man.The standoff appeared to be over when the woman’s companion talked with the young man. The audience was fooled, however, because the companion used the close proximity to punch the bag-thrower in the stomach.

One witness called the fight, “very unpleasant.”

The paper reported that Sydsvenskan, the concert venue, announced what is expected from the audience during these performances, and appeared to side with the bag-thrower. Eating snacks and drinking beer may be suitable at a hockey game, but the behavior doesn’t necessarily translate in a concert hall.