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this is interesting. thank you to WQXR/ New York. Anyone and everyone can link up to


I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all who have been sharing their their thoughts in the Classical Music Field. We are up to 100 responses and we are competitive. Personally speaking,I would like the Lissmore Bros or "the Boss’ to try to find a way to continually invite people to this forum. Next goal is the Jazz Forum. After that,personally speaking,i just pick and choose.


Musicians are human beings,even classical musicians. This is an interview with Christian Tetzlaff,virtuoso violinist.

This is from a Youtube page called “Meet The Pros” … The Violin Channel… It’s fun.


:scream: “OMG” :scream:

Maybe some of you have read this about a Symphony recently in Malmo Sweden

This is the quote:

Rustled bag of gum leads to ‘violent attack’ during Mahler’s 5th Symphony

The rustling of a gum wrapper during an intense performance of Mahler’s 5th Symphony in Sweden last week led to a “violent attack” in the audience after the gum-rustler smacked the glasses off a young man who grabbed the pack of gum from her and threw it on the floor.

The Washington Post reported that the attack occurred during a symphony in Malmo. Witnesses told a local paper that the woman who rustled the gum sat quietly after the man tossed her gum. When the crowd applauded Andris Nelsons, the conductor, after completing the Adagietto, the gum-chewer smacked the glasses off the man’s face. The paper said her male companion squared off with another man.The standoff appeared to be over when the woman’s companion talked with the young man. The audience was fooled, however, because the companion used the close proximity to punch the bag-thrower in the stomach.

One witness called the fight, “very unpleasant.”

The paper reported that Sydsvenskan, the concert venue, announced what is expected from the audience during these performances, and appeared to side with the bag-thrower. Eating snacks and drinking beer may be suitable at a hockey game, but the behavior doesn’t necessarily translate in a concert hall.



It’s that wild new music that gets these young folks all roiled up. This would never happen at a Mozart, Bach, or Telemann concert. I tell you Romanticism will ruin society. Hoodlums. Too emotional. Causes fights.




It’s about time that someone combined hockey and classical music! Here’s some prior art to provide inspiration:


Maybe he could jam with Itzhak Perlman


Love Itzhak Perlman. Though I am no expert on him. I loved the Schindlers List album.


Classical Music for Halloween. Unbeatable.


“Romantism” music is great for certain types of “fun.”



Hi I have been listening to Beethoven’s 6th on and off now all week before bed and have been enjoying it immensely. What I didn’t expect but wits what always happens is that I have already heard many snippets of this symphony already without realising it. Though now it the first time I have actively sat and listened rather than hearing it in the background somewhere. I am still listening to it as I can’t stop replaying each part again and again to hear something new I missed the last time. It is wonderful music.


Which version (i.e. conductor, orchestra, venue, recording)?


It’s only one I have downloaded via Spotify premium. It says Antal Doráti, London Symphony Orchestra in F major. 2014 I think.


I’m so glad that you’re finally grokking it in totality. I think you can tell why it’s on my all time bestest list.


I’m grokking it!

One of my favorite authors


Every piece is just wonderfully done. I only have it on Spotify premium maxed out at 320kbs but it sounded great. If I purchase a cd of Beethoven’s 6th which would you recommend. I suppose compilation discs are frowned upon as there would be no continuity in the recordings I wouldn’t have thought. Also to buy Beethoven’s box set or complete works would be quite expensive I would imagine.

It seems like Audiophiles buy the best recording of a certain symphony and do it that way rather than just have a cover all sort of solution. I could be totally wrong of course.:grin:


I don’t know which to recommend - most of my CDs are older. I love this performance:

I don’t know what the CD is like. This one I have on CD, and it’s also quite good.