Chinese Brands - IEMs Discussion


There’s been a lot of recent development from Chinese companies on the IEM and Ear Bud market. I’d like to start a new discussion on discoveries and discussion of new products out of this country, as there are quite a bit that are competing directly with the traditional headphone powerhouses.

There is already some discussion on the The Ultra Cheap IEM Thread but there are now more higher priced Chinese products that can slug it out with the big boys.

Here’s some other Chinese Brand IEM Discussion links from this Forum:


Revonext QT2 Review

My top 2018 IEM list which features a lot of Chinese products


This is a great idea. I purchased the BGVP DM6 and am looking forward to comparing it to the other IEMs I have already.


How is it?

I wrote a review recently on the BGVP DMG and posted on various sites including this one. Here’s the link: BGVP DMG IEM Review

I really like it. I should be getting a DM6 sample in some time in the future when they get their inventory/orders sorted out, which could be forever and a day from now. :slight_smile:


Not an IEM but Hidizs AP80 came in. It’s so tiny! Great looking screen and device. Runs Hiby OS which means you can stream to and from Android and iOS using Bluetooth or use it as a DAC.


My BGVP DM6 is still on they way from China, thank you for asking. I’ll post here once it get s chance to listen.


I have the Hiby R3… I never use it though, I can bring it Sunday if you’re interested in it…


Some new IEMs I recently received from various sources:

Nicechk EP10 - Apple Earpod looking earbud/IEM that has a super slick metal finish. It’s got some initial bass heaviness that seems to have relaxed after initial use. For the $9 “lucky bag” 11.11 sale price, its a steal. Very good detail and fun v-shaped sound. It’s about $18-20 now, but in my opinion still worth considering. The cable is nice but easy to get knotted.

KZ ZSN - (provided by Linsoul for review) Initial impressions is that this is the $20 bargain IEM of the year. Very clean, neutral sound signature which is unlike any from the KZ Lineup. Good build quality and detachable cables too. Can’t really beat that for the price. Sounds a lot better than its asking price. Highly recommended.

Whizzer Kylin - just got these in this week from Linsoul as well - Knowles-based 2-BA IEM with a slight v-shaped sound signature. Good build quality. Shallow-fit however made it difficult for me to find a set of tips that fit well in my ear without falling out or losing seal. Great cable included, as well as case and overall presentation of packaging. More to come.