Cheaper Planar Magnetic Options


Yeah, basically all my headphones that I use now are modded in some way because I find a lot of fun in that. I even took apart my Stax SR-007 within the first couple of days to mod it. There’s a lot of merit to modding to your own preferences since not everything has to be technically amazing. I doubt people are looking to hear if a saxophone player is wearing corduroy or hear the sneeze in the twelfth row nearly as much as they just want to chill or jam out.

I have a $30 pair of Yamaha YH3’s (vintage orthos) that I’ve modded quite a bit and now I’m at the point where my friends and I preferred them to the much more expensive Sine in a lot of ways. Vintage orthos (so much info here) are an easy way for people to dip their toes into modding and learning what damping affects what for really cheap.




Dat corduroy burn doh!! adds so much to the ambiance of the music experience!


I owned a Fazor’d LCD-2 for a while which I did enjoy but I’d rather buy an Atticus. If the M1060C mod actually got close I’d do it since I can get those under $300 but I think I’ll hold off.


Unfortunately, I live in Vancouver, Canada, which is nowhere near the Bay Area. :frowning:


I wish I was as into modding as you. I just can’t bring myself to do to any of my cans. How did you get started?


I started when I was I think 15 and didn’t have any money to buy new headphones but I wanted to change the sound so I looked at a few Head-Fi threads (primarily the Orthodynamic Roundup) and from there I just tried applying different things. Headphones are pretty hard to break so there’s no need to worry about breaking something if you take certain precautions like covering the driver with masking tape before removing screws.


You can always wait for the Mobius to get to Canada. Think they are shipping out in the US this month so I imagine Canada will get them next month.

There’s always the iSine LX as well although I haven’t heard it and its a little too gaudy looking for my taste. Pretty sure it was made just to combat Monoprice ripping Audeze’s headphones off.


Hey, @TaronLissimore! Thanks for the Mobius suggestion. Have you had a chance to trial that?

I don’t think I’m quite ready to put down money on that headphone, but if y’all need a reviewer to test it, I’d be more than happy to do so. I personally haven’t found an Audeze headphone or earphone that I loved, so I usually look away. And, like you, I ain’t a fan of the iSine LX look. Just, meh.


Not yet. We are hoping to have an early unit in next week but until the box actually arrives, no promises! Haha. So far it seems like a very promising headphone but until we are actually able to use it and listen to it with music, its hard to say.

As @I_want_all_the_tacos said further up the thread, closed-back planar headphones are pretty rare. I don’t see HifiMan stepping up anytime soon with one. However, a closed-back version of the HD 800S happened so who knows what may happen in the future!


If it sounds good and becomes popular then someone will rip it off. There are sure to be clones on the way. It’s just the way af the world I guess.