Cases: Headphone, IEM, Amp, DAC, Etc


Please show us how you store your headphones/IEM/amp when you commute, vacation, or simply stash your setup at home or work. Hard cases, soft cases, and DIY cases are wanted here, especially if they show how you got all of your gear safely packed to withstand all manor of drops, kicks, or bumps. Does your case have a way of storing your IEM or headphones so that the cords don’t get tangled?

Extra points for covert, decoy or hidden cases. Security is important when your gear is left unattended.

Double points for automated closures, hidden locks, magnetic catches, robotic deployment, or home/car automation integration. That stuff is just cool!

Quadruple points If you have a robot arm that removes your headphones from their secret hiding place and nimbly places them atop your head. Your technology is almost indiscernible from magic and I strongly urge you to adopt the username “Gandalf”.


I’m afraid I don’t have any of these-- but now I really want a headphone robot.


Maybe @discobot has a friend for you


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


I use this setup when out and about. Hard case has my Thinksound MS02 IEM’s. Drawstring bag has my Fiio X5III. The hard case keeps the IEM’s from getting tangled or sustaining too many hits and bumps. I have had problems in the past with the tips and base separating on these IEM’s so I am more careful with them now. The Fiio is pretty well built and I keep it in the drawstring to make sure it doesn’t get too dusty or scratched since both front and back panels are glass.


Unbleached Muslin bag. Simple and keeps the dust away.