Campfire Audio


Audio Line Out was the brainchild of Ken Ball. Founded in September 2007 and started in his basement, he began by making Cables. With a background in Science his basement business grew quickly and soon turned into ALO a company producing quality cables and portable Amplifier’s. After more success in the market he founded Campfire Audio the headphone company we know and respect. A large part of his success at Campfire comes down to his great range of iem’s. With iconic models such as the Andromedas and the Vega’s to name but a few in the great line up. Now with the Solaris and the beta run of his Custom made Equinox he seems set for future success.

Here’s the place to talk about all things Campfire.


Has anyone tried the new Campfire Solaris iem’s? If so how would you say they compare to my beloved Andromeda’s?