Campfire Audio Vega in-ear Headphones - Official Thread



The Campfire Audio Vegas were the Campfire flagship until the recent release of the Atlas.


  • Beryllium / Copper MMCX Connections
  • Silver-plated Litz wire cable in a medical grade PVC jacket
  • Neodymium magnets used in the dynamic drivers

Frequency Response: 5Hz–22 kHz
Sensitivity: 102 dB SPL/mW
Impedence: 17.5 Ohms @ 1kHz
Connections: Beryllium / Copper MMCX
Casing: Liquid Alloy Metal Shell
Driver: Amorphous Diamond Like Carbon Diaphram Dynamic Driver
Cables: Litz


Lol @ Vegas. How does the Vega compare to the Lyra II and Andromeda?


Bassy. Very bassy. They also have a smaller build which I know me and @andrew had some issues getting the right seal.

At their price drop, I’d aay they are the right price. An alternative to the Andromedas. The Vegas don’t quite have the same detail and clarity though. If you’re listening to EDM, hip-hop and the like, the Vegas are great. Everything else, not so much. If you’re looking for the same bass but with better details, early word is that the Atlas is just that.

I can’t speak for comparisons to the Lyra II though. I haven’t heard them and I don’t know if I will since I believe they are being discontinued.


Oh, interesting that you and @Andrew had issues getting the right seal with the Vega. I was reading that some folks had some comfort issues with the Andromeda, which I thought might be problematic in ensuring a good seal. I wondered for a while how compatible my smol ears are with the entire CA line-up . . .

Are you and Andrew in the middle of reviewing the Atlas? (They’re so shiny, omg.)

What a shame CA is ending Lyra II; there are so many folks who have raved about that earphone since its first iteration!


I love the Vega. It sounds great on my EQ’d iPhone, and can easily be driven with the 3.5 MM headphone jack. It has a warmths to it. I also like the atlis, but can’t use that on my phone as it has even more base than the Vega. Yay for the Vega! sounds great to me.


We won’t have our hands on the Atlas until early June most likely unfortunately. They are definitely very shiny! Its also a straight in-ear fit which makes it real easy to get a seal.

The Andromeda has a large fit while the the Vega has a small fit so a fit in between them would be nice.

The Vegas are also a lot easier to impedance match. You can drive them straight from your phone with no hiss unlike the Andromedas.

Ya I can’t entirely speak to it being discontinued but it was Massdropped a couple months ago and outside of certain companies, usually when something is dropped it means its end of life.


I just put out a review of these. I thought they were interesting. I do appreciate that CA tried going for a different sort of sound sig with a bassy and trebly IEM but I’m not sure I’d pay $1100 for them. They’re super pretty though.


At their price drop they are a little more reasonable. Although unless you really like bass, I don’t see a ton of reason to get them over the Andromeda when they are the same price.

Like you, I also really enjoyed them (aside from their fit which I found made it difficult for a proper seal) but at their price its really hard to recommend them to someone who may only ever spend $1100 on a pair of headphones once over the Andromedas. I don’t for-see another price drop on them anytime soon though unless the Atlas ends up completely out-shining the Vegas in every way.


We’ve had a pair of Vegas come through recently. I’m still trying to decide if I enjoy Tito’s or Bulleit with them more though.

Going to be A/Bing them against the Atlas and see if the Atlas does show some real improvements. I thought so at CanJam Socal 2018 but listening at shows is a completely different experience than listening in the comfort of your office/home.


I don’t think I’ve read of anyone liking the Vegas more after trying the Atlas, I’m looking forward to your thoughts.


I tried the Atlas yesterday, too bad the dealers sent back their Vega demo I wanted to a/b.


So I’ve been using the hell out of my Vegas over the last week or so. I’m just going to type what comes into my head, this isn’t a full review or anything. Just some thoughts after a bunch of use. I should note that these were a demo pair so are fully burned in, although I’ve only had them for a couple weeks.

Source: MacBook Pro headphone out, iPhone 6

Preferences: Bass, and I’m only slightly ashamed of it, wait no…not at all ashamed. I love me some bass. I like sparkly treble. I think I’ve done some damage to my hearing over the years as a drummer despite my best effort at protection, so a little bit treble emphasis isn’t the end of the world for me. Mids it depends. I think my taste has evolved over time, as I used to prefer warm warm warm headphones. I don’t mind a bit of a v shape, and a little bit recession in the mids nowadays.

From the above preferences, you can perhaps understand how I might enjoy the Vega. I love them. They have big bass. There is no need for an EQ bump in the low end…at all. The low end is perhaps a little bit bloated at times, but I think this has to do with seal and tip choice more than the actual earphones signature themselves.

Definitely a bit of a V shape.

These are not a “reference” “audiophile” tuned earphone, and I just don’t care. I use IEM’s on the bus, on the plane, when I’m doing stuff. I just don’t care about critical listening when I’m using my Vegas. I’m just trying to enjoy some tunes. The Vega do have a bit of a bump at 6.5k, which I could see bothering some people. It doesn’t bother me.

The Andromeda are definitely the better earphone. They have a bigger soundstage, better technicalities, better balance in terms of tuning. I just don’t enjoy them as much for my uses. The Andromeda are also cheaper. Try both if you can before purchasing. However, if you like bass, and still want a quality earphone, you could do a lot worse than the Vega.

I love my Abyss, and the Vega are kind of like an earphone version of the Abyss. I mean obviously not exactly, but big bass, a bit less mids, and kinda sparkly treble. The treble could be a bit sibilant for some people I think. It doesn’t bother me, but if you are treble sensitive there might be better options in terms of earphones.

I’m not sure how these will compare to the new Atlas, but if you want a pair of Vega, there are some sales going on right now due to the introduction of the new TOTL model. This is just a guess, but if the Vega were tuned by Ken Ball and represent his idea of a flagship earphone, I think he and I might have similar tastes in terms of tuning. We both recognise others might prefer a more Andromeda style of tuning, but in terms of just listening and having fun the Vega has a place in the CA line up. If the Atlas is replacing the Vega, then I hope it has a similar tuning, as it would be a shame for this to disappear even though most will probably prefer the Andromeda.

All in all, these are my favourite closed earphones that I have heard to date. The Andromeda are killer, and better for more ears I think, but if the Vega are right for you and your ears, then you certainly could do a lot worse. Big bass, slightly recessed mids, sparkly treble (that might be a bit sibilant.) These are killer for the kinds of music I listen to. Lots of electronica, rock, metal. I do listen to jazz and what not, but not as often. Definitely recommended, especially if you can find a great deal on a demo pair or something like I did with the Introduction of the Atlas.