Campfire Audio Polaris in-ear Headphones - Official Thread



This is the official spot to chat about the Campfire Audio Polaris


Aren’t these in-ear? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That they are! Looks like Andrew was sleep-typing haha.


Currently have a pair of the Campfire Audio Polaris along with a Orion and a Noble Audio Trident that I am doing some A/B testing with.

Out of the box at first glance, I wish the whole casing was the same vibrant blue. The blue is rather striking and I wish wasn’t hidden when you have them in your ears. I also wish the cable was the clear silver litz cable instead of the black but that’s just a personal preference.

I’ve been listening to the 3 for a couple of hours and so far my order for them is

  1. Orion
  2. Polaris

  3. Trident (It’s not even near the same level. Pretty disappointed with them to say the least.)

I’ll have listening impressions up later today! For now enjoy this picture of them on top of the Kef LS50 Wireless.


I’m looking forward to this! I will try and put together a impressions/review of the Comet here soon ( I think I have had enough time with it at this point, with varied tips, and listening environments). I’m more sold now after spending more time with the Comet, and I think I will slowly (yeah right) work up the chain of Campfire Audios IEM line. I’m really digging the look of the Lyra II (I’m a sucker for purple, Donatello was my favorite TMNT growing up).

Would you mind comparing to your experience with the Comet? I would be very interested in that since I currently have the Comet.


I can definitely do a comparison. It won’t be the most detailed though. I only spent a couple of hours with the comets before the pair we had was gone. We also received the Audeze LCD-3s and the SPL stack in the same week so my attention was focused elsewhere… haha.

I have not heard the Lyra II though. I know it got Massdropped for a bit there and there was speculation that it was being discontinued. As far as I can see, its still available for sale though.


Yeah I missed that drop, because honestly at the time, not into IEMs. I’m trying to figure out what the next IEM to upgrade to, I will keep an eye out for Andromedas, but I want a more beat up type IEM, that I don’t mind running around with at the gym, and on the go. Preferably without worrying about them.


Haha unless you are made of money I probably wouldn’t recommend the Andromedas as a gym headphone. I’m actually still on the search for a gym headphone that has decent durability with good sound. They are hard to come by. Its a pretty niche market though.

I do like IEMs because I commute a ton and they are super easy to carry around. But the crappy thing about Vancouver (and Seattle) is the 8 months of rain which means IEM use for me is generally limited to the summer for any outside use. I definitely used to be a headphone guy at home and beater in-ear on the road but i’ve been going in the opposite direction lately.


Well not made of money, but debt free (minus house and car). But the best gym headphones I’ve had have been, a set of skull candy method sports. I’ll also use beats-x. I’ve taken the Comets attached to MEE BTX1 neck band. I also really enjoyed Bose sports iems (most comfortable) but the blue tooth options are crazy big.

I actually have been enjoying the portability of the Comets, but I would prefer full overear headphones. I’m hoping the Cascade will be my solution. Hopefully I’ll get the Cascades in before my next trip to California next week. I’m on my phone right now so sorry for the wall of text and if it doesn’t make sense lol


I’ve now spent about 10 hours with the Polaris and I’m going to give some quick, initial impressions on them.

TL:DR. Fun, impactful IEM with impactful low-end. Forward upper mids with a warm but clean timbre. Has a warm sound signature that can bounce between warm and natural sounding with certain tracks. I would put this in the more comparable to Vega camp than the Andromeda although the low-end isn’t as boomy as the Vega. I much prefer the Polaris over the Comet at the time of this writing. I used both Spinfits and Comply for equal amounts of time and ended up choosing the Comply tips.

Build Quality and Finish

Typical Campfire Audio build. Very durable feeling. The blue anodized coating is absolutely gorgeous on the main shell and I wish it was the whole headphone. The screws stand out like sore thumb on the black ceratoke finish and I wish there was an effort made to conceal them a little more. The nozzle is a little longer than on the Andromeda which I found made for an easier, deeper fit. The beryllium MMXC connector found throughout Campfire’s lineup is also present with the Polaris.


The Polaris is a musical IEM with a fun sound signature. Its warm that can have a natural sound with certain songs. Its not quite v-shaped but it is close.

  • Bass: Excellent, impactful and full. Mid-bass is very present. I very much liked the punchiness present on the Polaris. With that being said, it mostly shines the 50 - 100 Hz region. Above 100Hz, the bass drops off steadily down to 800Hz-1kHz which means it doesn’t allow for any bleeding into the lower mids.

  • Mids: Mid-forward with instruments taking the backseat to male and female vocals. Wouldn’t recommend the Polaris if you are looking to do some acoustic listening. However the vocals do sound quite nice with the Polaris. Deeper voices don’t quite get their opportunity to shine but the higher frequencies are clear and detailed.

  • Treble: Surprisingly good. When I read up on the Polaris I wasn’t expecting myself to really notice a whole lot in the higher frequencies but everything sounds quite nice up there. Doesn’t have the sparkle of the Andromedas due to the treble being a little rolled off in the 5kHz-10kHz range. The climb to 5kHz is gradual though and is very pleasant with the upper mids and lower treble. Percussion sounds fantastic. The treble is very much in tune with what I enjoy and is not fatiguing in the least.

Overall my early impressions of the Polaris are quite good. They are a fun, musical IEM. If you are looking for a little more detail on guitar strings and in the mid-range, these probably aren’t for you. They are most certainly not analytical and they wouldn’t be great for in-depth critical listening. I am actually enjoying them more than the Vega though.

That’s just my quick two cents. At the end of the week I will be able to give a bit of a more thorough review.

P.S. We also just got something in today that I have been waiting for for quite some time. It has to take a backseat this week since we have a backlog of stuff to write, video and photograph but I can’t wait to open them up! Here’s a hint


Dat PHAT Atlas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: say that out loud 3x fast lol

Hmmm…the Polaris is nice looking, but I agree with your aesthetic dings against it. I think when I’m out and about it is less about being analytical and all about enjoying music in different environments and experiences!


Definitely. If I’m buying for myself I tend to lean towards a fun sound signature everytime ( although I will probably add the AEON Flow Closed to my collection at some point). At $599, i feel like the Polaris is a good stop-gap before the Andromeda. Of course I haven’t heard the Lyra II. If the Polaris was in the $750-$850 range I’d say go straight to the Andros but at $599 its pretty good. I am going back and forth between them and the Orions though and yesterday I was leaning to the Orion and today I’m leaning towards the Polaris.

Let’s see how the rest of the week plays out! I do like the Polaris better than the AF1120 from Audiofly though.