Campfire Audio Cascade Closed-Back Headphones - Official Thread



One tries! :wink:

I really liked the OMD-EM5 and EM1. And the MFT lenses really are wonderfully compact and have solid optics. I just kept running into depth-of-field and low-light issues, so I wound up having to buy the larger, faster lenses anyway - and was still fighting noise performance in high-ISO shots.

That’a lovely little unit! I wound up going with a Fuji X100 for that role - quirky, but fun.


@Torq have you heard the Massdrop THX 789 linear amp? If so what are your thoughts on it?


No, not yet.

I did join the current drop for it … though those units are currently slated to deliver next February. If I can snag a unit from someone from the original drop I may do that in the interim.


Yeah, that is my only problem…I might just wait and see if I can get one second hand…I also want to pick up the Monoprice version…I just want a more reputable review of the amp before jumping in.


Have you heard anything about why the Monoprice version keeps getting delayed? I think it was originally scheduled for a February release and now it’s October. The Dirac Sensaround feature seems interesting to me.


Nothing heard… hopefully it drops in October like it currently says. I’m very interested in the technology put into it.


The Airist Audio R-2R Dac looks very interesting. My finger was hovering over the buy button. I don’t really know much about it though seeing as there aren’t many reviews around.



I wrote up a reasonably detailed review of the Massdrop x Airist Audio R-2R DAC here.

It’s broken up a bit throughout that thread, so after you’ve read the first post (if you haven’t already), be sure to scroll down for more discussion, more technical information, some other comparisons to it, and how it works with various particularly synergistic components.


I think ive seen it if I recall but I will be sure to find it. I knew I’d seen at least one. Thank you very much.



Those of you interested in the Cascade should check out @DarthPool’s full review, which was just posted on the main site!


@DarthPool, Tyler that was a great review on the Cascade. Really well written and full of detail. I found it a cracking read. @Torq needs to watch his back.:grin:.



Ha, I think I have a long way to go, before I can put reviews out of @Torq caliber. I might have to take my wife’s advise and take a writing class or two.


Haha, I think your writing skills are fine. I am not very confident in my own writing skills but I am sure it’s a case of practice makes perfect as they say. I just wanted to let you know that I thought you did a great job.



I appreciate it, always good to get feedback especially when it is good feedback lol. Thank you.



Yeah, I hear ya. No problem, I know how much time and effort you must have put in. It isn’t easy. At least I don’t think it is anyway. It’s very enjoyable but I get a sense that you’re busy and you have a young family so you have your hands full.

I know I have to do my bits when I am well so it’s a hit and miss thing. But listening is the enjoyable bit and all you need for that are your ears. Hehe.



Time…the biggest factor in life…never seems to be enough of it. I tend to sleep less to my own detriment (doesn’t help my ADD brain lol). But so many things to do so little time.

I have found that as I continue to do reviews they get easier to approach, and start. I have started typing out my notes as I do my critical/review listens so that what you read is what I’m listening to at the time of writing. Then when I am ready to put the review together it is a matter of fleshing out the notes while re-listening to the gear in question.


Preparation and organisation is the key to most endeavours.:slightly_smiling_face:.



Good job Tyler on your featured review! That was way better than you had led me to believe when you we met up earlier this week. You have set the bar higher now for me. Thanks. lol.

I have to make use of this great fall weather to take photos of everything I own for prettier gear photos to live up to everyone’s standards on this site. :slight_smile:


Ha @Torq gets credit for the photos, he is much better at it, plus has some sweet camera gear. I’m still rocking my phone cameras lol.

I appreciate the kind words, I feel the same way when reading your reviews!


I’ve got my hands on a pair of these again and man, I forgot how much fun they were to listen to. I still couldn’t see it as an everyday headphone like the Elegia for me but I can’t help but smile when listening to the Cascade.