Campfire Audio Cascade Closed-Back Headphones - Official Thread



I have had a pair since they came out and have found them to do quite well with amplification rather than not.
Build quality has been good, musically they have been pleasant and smooth and are worth the price of entry.
I prefer them to the Mr Speakers AEON, which I have and regret buying, due to the musical nature and lack of any shrillness or harshness.
This is all subjective,but, I have some hearing loss and finding headphones that don’t grate me can be a challenge.


The aeon open or closed?


Closed. Have had them since last June and just not impressed.

No that they are bad, just nothing above the other cans available in the same price range.


Had the liberty to try these out for an hour yesterday, must say the bass on these are very overwhelming yet fun. For edm tracks I can see them being used as the main headphone for it. I had full seal on the earpads and got the full bass experience. The main flaw is that the bass is so strong they take centre stage and that’s all you really hear. Vocals take a back seat and becomes masked. The treble response was meh at best, again the bass just takes control over everything. The lower mids has some weird issues with the decay, like something is being cut off too soon. The bass bleeds heavily into that spectrum and just throws me off. I think the most appropriate name for them is Campfire Audio Basscade.


…nough said :wink:


Hahaha good one


New headphones day!!! Super excited to get some listening in on these! Already enjoying the aesthetics, too bad they are kind of funny looking on the head lol


Hope you’re ready for some brain bumping beats!

P.S I’m in Seattle for the weekend. Any audio stores you would recommend checking out?


I wish! Nothing comes close to what you guys have in Vancouver! But there are a couple that are ok, most focus on home theater systems though.
Is a cool technology store…but honestly you really have to search hard to find anything close to a store that carries good headphones…maybe guitar center in south center would have the best selection…but even then not a great one. What area of Seattle? I can try and recommend some good eats depending on the area.


Fair warning wall of incohesive text ramble coming up, aka dram or two of whiskey while listening to music and A/B test of the Cascade with impressions:

So I’ve been really enjoying the Cascades exclusively the past two days…then I just now put on my other “bass cannons” the THX-00 PH, and man I love these cans…damn…I love this hobby, it is so crazy to go from really enjoying a song then A/B testing with an old favorite and just getting lost in the other headphone. That being said I have to give the win overall to the Cascade over the THX-00 PH. I will say the THX-00 is more comfortable for me (but it is very broken in with Dekoni focus elite pads). Even with the “all encompassing” bass of the Cascade the detail and imaging is still there and just wow… was not really expecting how competitive these would be. What a great lil headphone. If you are ok with bass, these are pretty magical, granted this is coming from a self described everyday user :wink: . I would say the Cascade is very resolving but layered with multiple levels of bass. Kind of like a cold winter morning and you have three layers of comforter, an electric blanket, and a hot water bottle between your ears lol. I can’t even begin to describe these right… they are 90’s “EXTREME” bass worthy, but with very detailed highs and mids. Things do get lost in the bass but it is honestly worth it for how fun these are. Plus the fact that you can take them portable! Well let us not get ahead of ourselves these are handsome looking in the hand, but on the head you look like a walking radio tower :wink: They could have brought in the headband by a couple inches and these would be amazing portable cans, both aesthetically in hand and on head. The pads can get a lil warm, but overall even with being almost on ear pads (I do not like on ears, at all as a caveat) these are extremely comfortable. They do have a fair amount of clamp but you can “stretch” the steel headband as necessary ( I didn’t left as is).

Ok, just threw on the HD700 (because why not) and goodness these are the most comfortable headphones I own. these blow the detail/imaging/spaciousness out of the water, but feel exponentially less fun. But the detail in the mids and highs and the soundstage mmmmm… HD700 is honestly my sleeper favorite, I just really overall love the HD700. The HD700 can’t even remotely compete with the lows though. Also the Cascade puts up a good fight for the highs and mids…was actually pretty surprised. It’s just that when the bass hits it feels like walking in thick fog, that you can see through (I don’t know how else to describe it).

Well I started down this path so… HD800 (w/Super Dupont Mod) which is tough because the volume matching is really hard between these two. Ok so I can pretty much sum this up pretty easily… Cascade is a concert with thousands of people, HD800 is private session with the band at a small stage. The HD800 is just magical…

( I can edit that out mods just let me know :wink: )

Ok, Build on the Cascade is amazing, one of the best headphones I own as far as premium feel next to the Focal Elex, and TH-X00 PH. That being said the cable is very nice… but Janky as hell! easily gets kinked and I don’t mean to kink shame anything but damn :wink: lol

@ChaseReeves I agree with you on what these shine on. Anything that doesn’t have a lot of bass and you will be in a good way.

Some of the tracks I listened to and compared.

Acoustics: Heartbeats Jose Gonzalez:

Acoustic: La Luna Binaural Ottmar Liebert, Luna Negra:

Vocal only (Tom’s Diner Suzanne Vega):


another Acoustic goodness:

The track with everything

Because I love this group

A new favorite that is a showcase for how good the Cascade can be

Because amazing

Because Coffee is life

I had a bunch more songs I listened to, but I figure I made everyones eyes bleed by now. I was going to do a full review but I think that @ChaseReeves and @I_want_all_the_tacos did a great job of that so I just wanted to give my impression of what I heard while listening to a beautiful set of headphones while enjoying some good whiskey
Listened through El Dac giving the 01010101001010 conversion to the MCTH for that awesome sound.
Aberfeldy 12yo
Belmont Farm Apple Whiskey (extremely sweet, would go well in an american trilogy cocktail)
whisky cup used: favorite Japanese Sochu/whiskey pottery mug ( you can see it in my picture)

Edit: was ending the night on this and had to share:

P.S. Did I mention I am an eclectic music lover of all walks? :wink:

Edit 2: Because “In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company” and the bass actually sounds great on this track:


As ever a cracking good read.


Nice impressions! I really do think Cascade is a great sounding headphone and probably is the best truly portable over/on-ear headphone on the market. If it fit my head a little better and if I had issues with IEMs that made them unusable for me, I would absolutely jump on the Cascade. Well worth considering for many people.


I also found the fit off, but by adjusting the angle of the cups once on my head it became more comfortable and sounded better. My biggest naggle is how far the corners stick out from the head…it makes you look goofy for such sleek and sexy looking cans.


Got a pair in for loan:

I’ve used a friend’s for a bit and loved how fun they were and that opinion still stands. There’s so much bass but it’s pretty controlled. I hear the slightest bit of low mid dip and a little more upper mids dip with a bigger low treble recession and some mid treble harshness but it works with this kind of sound. I’ve been using them for the past hour or so jamming out. I’ll conpare them to my Nighhawks and MH40 later on but these are just awesome for a portable. I don’t think I’d be able to have these as an only headphone but for a guilty pleasure I’m so into these.


Have you noticed that once on the head it helps to push the cup to get the angle to properly align? I noticed with mine that when I did that, it helped with both comfort and sound. Basically once on your head I push the top of the cup/bottom of the cup to get it to sit right( I think it is due to stiffness of the connector). I also agree, these are just fun cans, and they fit the on the go/fun at home listening spot for me.


Yeah, I always make sure I do that with closed headphones especially because I’ve made the mistake of not getting seal right so many times which really messes with bass.

I just measured them with my EARS:

It’s a lot of bass.


They are definitely very fun to listen to.

I actually wanted to try them for movies as well but never got the chance. I imagine that they would provide a pretty good experience.

If I had the need for two end-game closed-back headphones, I would probably take the Cascade for portability and the AEON Flow Closed for home. But for now, I don’t have any need for a closed-back headphone at home. Also as much as I enjoyed the Cascade, I don’t know if I would be able to enjoy it for 8+ hours a day.

I’m currently using the Atlas and although it has that low-end, it doesn’t seem to be quite as overwhelming as the Cascade.


Yeah, an hour and a half with the Cascade is about my limit with them before I get fatigued. That’s about as long as a movie so maybe I should try that before sending them off.

Atlas seems incredibly interesting. I’m always down for some bassy IEMs.


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Campfire has cloth ear pads for the cascades for sale, I’ll order a pair tomorrow, and do a quick impression of them when they arrive.