Campfire Audio Atlas in-ear Headphones - Official Thread



This is the thread to discuss Campfire Audio’s newest Flagship, the Atlas.

Campfire Audio Vega in-ear Headphones - Official Thread

Love this headphone. AM using it currently. Got it last week. Its casing has a nice feel and the lows seriously make you rumble in your ears! It deff. has more clarety in the highs than the Vega though. I’m keeping bo the Vega and Atlis too!


Is there a genre of music that the Atlas excels in? Or is it good with all types?


Honestly? It probably does best with older recordings that need a lot of base.

Or if you are just a base head.


For me, they excel with high-quality, non-compressed recordings, especially where a bit of a bass boost can give the music body, and a somewhat pronounced treble gives air to instruments, rather than reveals distortion. In that case, they are magic. With modern compressed music I didn’t find them so enjoyable.


It’s definitely a love/hate relationship with high-end audio gear sometimes when so much music is compressed before release.

I’m curious to know whether anyone has tried the Campfire Audio Comet alongside the Atlas? What differences are noticeable between the two?

I’m already quite pleased that Campfire Audio has released another option, alongside the Orion, to get folks into their ecosystem. Because I can’t say this enough–their ecosystem is goooood.


Andrew is currently filming an impression video for the Atlas so I decided to throw together a quick unboxing video for everyone to see what’s inside.

Andrew will be posting his video impressions to youtube while I will post my written impressions on here soon!
I think the Atlas is definitely a headphone that should be joining the loaner program though. They are a pretty fun listen so far. Not nearly as overwhelming as the Cascade.


Hey Guys,

I’ve sold my CA Vegas, and am selling my Audeze LCDi4’s, and consolidating down to one pair of IEM’s for now. I’ve been giving it a lot of thought, and ended up going with the CA Atlas, as I enjoyed the Vegas so much whilst I owned them. To sum it up quickly, the Atlas is like a bigger sounding Vega, with a hint of Andromeda about them.

Now, these are just initial impressions, the kind of stuff that hits you right away, vs the smaller nuances you notice over time. Mostly this will all be in comparison to the Vega, as that is my previous CA reference point.

The Bass is similar in quantity to the Vega, but seems to integrate into the whole frequency response more, if that makes sense? It doesn’t over do it, and drown out the other frequencies. Its a bit less harsh sounding, more rounder sounding, easier to listen to.

The mids seem more detailed than the Vegas. In fact, everything seems more detailed. The mids are a tiny bit recessed I think. Kinda sound smoother, and more even than the Vegas.

The treble is the most improved part over the Vega. Its a bit less bright than the Vega, and less shouty. I haven’t noticed any sibilance yet :slight_smile:

The soundstage is a bit bigger than the Vega, but perhaps not as wide as the Andromeda. However, I’m going off of memory of the Andromeda, I haven’t heard them for a little while. The Atlas sound “bigger” than both the Vega and Andromeda, a more enveloping and full sound.

As usual with CA/ALO, the cable is great. Doesn’t get all tangled and messed up. Nice and supple. The Atlas are really comfy, especially wearing them down vs. Over the ear.

I haven’t done a lot of tip rolling yet. I’m having a bit of trouble with the Final Audio tips and suffocation of the sound completely in my left ear. I’ll keep working on this and report back with how I feel about all the tips. Currently running the marshmallow CA tips, small size.

All in all, the Atlas are great so far. Bigger and fuller sounding than the Vega, but also a bit easier to listen to. Less harsh. If you guys have any questions, just let me know :slight_smile:


Nice, powering them out of your mojo?


They’re a handsome pair of iem’s. I like iem’s and it’s great when you can get a pair that you’re really happy with. I own the Andromeda’s and these are to my taste but I haven’t heard any other Campfire iem’s. I would like to hear the Atlas’s someday, they seem like an interesting option.


yeah, i’m thinking of building a transportable solution with them and, without an easy ability to test, thinking about either the WA8, the xDSD, or something else … just trying to think through the trade-offs and curious if the Atlas have any unique synergies with one DAP or another, one portable dac/amp or another …


I did when I still had them. That was a write up that is a few months old. I ended up having so much trouble with driver flex I decided to return them sadly. However, it was not due to disliking the sound they produced, that is for sure.


can you say more about that? i.e., “trouble with driver flex”? What did you replace with (if anything)? Thanks!


I originally replaced them with the Hifiman RE2000, and now I’ve purchased a pair of Tia Fourte. The problem I had was I would put the earphone in my ear, and the seal would completely suffocate the driver, meaning it wouldn’t produce any sound. Foam tips solved the problem, but I don’t really enjoy foam tips. Only a half seal with silicon tips would allow them to produce sound. Now, this may be due to my ears and they way they are shaped, I’m not too sure.


Oh wow that must have been a real downer. Strange though, do you think it was just a problem with the shape of your ears or maybe the iem’s themselves?


I’m really not sure to be honest. Maybe a bit of both! I didn’t want to take a chance so I returned them.


Yeah, I would certainly have done the same. How you liking your new iem’s?


They won’t arrive until next week, so I’m just enjoying the Tin Hifi T2 currently :slight_smile: They are great for the money, IMO.


Yes I’ve heard this from lots of people. The T2’s are very popular. I shall have to pick some up. I might go for the pro version though. Good look with your iem’s when they arrive.