Campfire Audio Andromeda - Official Picture Thread



This is the official thread for Campfire Audio Andromeda pictures. The Andromedas really stand out and can make for some really great pics!



Also if anyone has any pictures of the special edition Andromedas that would be great!


I wanted to get the Pacific Blue but couldn’t purchase at the time. I think there is also a white that was for Japan as well…would love to see those in the wild.


These are great photos! I’ve been ogling the Campfire Audio Andromeda and Vega for YEARS.


Just got them in…doing some tip rolling…but so far these are pretty amazing. The Element low gain mode handles them really well, no hiss completely silent.
Edit: just put volume to zero on low gain and could still hear the track…first time that has ever happened with this amp… These are legit “super sensitive”.


What cable is that?


It is the Black litz cable from Campfire Audio, it came with my Comets.


@taronlissimore, @TheBausSauce, I’m looking at getting another Litz cable for the Andromeda… I might as well buy another Comet set lol… it would be more cost effective :wink:


did some mods! sounds exceptional now…

Kidding this was a post on Reddit lol




You guys seen these? Are they real?

Massdrop Campfire Audio Lyra II IEM

They certainly are … and they’re up on Campfire Audio’s main website right now.

Now if only they could make the nozzle smaller …


They are definitely real. A lot of the time these limited releases are limited to Asia because they sell so well over there but it looks like this one will be in the US as well.

They look like they would be absolutely gorgeous. My only concern with them is they require a lot more direct handling than the Atlas or Comet to get in your ear so it would be smudge city.


Somebody has mentioned a slightly different tuning. Any info on that? I can’t see them messing with the sound. They are beautiful though.



I haven’t heard them myself and there hasn’t been any official word from Campfire to us yet. But its definitely possible. Often headphones that have been around for a bit while undergo some tuning changes without the manufacturer saying anything.