Campfire Audio Andromeda in-ear Headphones - Official Thread



I got to try the Andromeda S (polished stainless steel) a couple days ago. They sounded really nice though maybe just a tad bassier than I like. Im grasping at straws too as it sounded really good but I’m sure the regular Andromeda would fit my needs just perfectly.


I’ll trade you my beat up green Andros for your fancy steel ones :wink: lol

I use spiral dots with mine also and find them to be my favorite tips so far


Hah they weren’t mine. It was a HeadFier who wanted to listen to the RHA CL2 planar iems. He let me try to AndroS and the Atlas. Those Atlas IEMs will knock you out with their bass punch. Holy smokes.

My new shiny IEM is the Kanas Pro, which is much much cheaper than Andromeda heh


Nice! in all honesty, I don’t think I could give up the Andromeda at this point, I bought them used but have added my own patina to them with use, and I really like the sound signature, they are my primary IEMs…I really like the 64Audio stuff but can’t justify the price for how little I use IEMs. Now fun under $100 IEMs those can be purchased for fun, and as gifts for friends and family later on.


The AndroS is more bassy that I too had hoped. I came from sampling the CK White variant, whose trebles are so breathy and spacious. I’m pretty sure I’d swap for a set of white. Regardless, S is a damned good all rounder.

I can’t thank you enough for meeting up. I really dodged a bullet by getting to try the CL2 before I went and did something so brazen as sell my sparklies for them.

Still have Kanas Pro on my radar. So much smooth beauty in their sound. Perfectly pleasant.