Campfire Audio Andromeda in-ear Headphones - Official Thread



Ever since they released the Stainless steel version of Andros, I’m been so freakin’ tempted to splurge. But I’m trying to contain myself.

@DarthPool I also have the Razer DAC and it’s quite good. I don’t use it very often but I carry it in my bag just in case.


They are beautiful but I don’t think the the cost of swapping from green Andromeda’s to the new one is justified. For me personally anyway. I forget do you own the Andromeda’s?


Nope no Andros for me. I already have one high end ($1K) iem though so dont really have justifiable reason for another…


Ah right, I couldn’t remember whether you said you owned some or not. I thought you did for some reason and that’s why I though it strange you wanting another pair. Although some people do exactly this in order to get another colour and sell on their old pair. Still I suppose these are a slightly different tuning as well as new aesthetics


I would be interested in exactly what that new tuning is about… haven’t really researched or heard anything in regards to what it means for the Andromeda…


Slight change in the mids.

This was what Ken posted:


Nice one @antdroid. It’s not enough to tempt me to want to swap. I love my Andromeda’s as they are. But… the stainless steel do love very nice and shiny.


Hi guys I’ve been a little poorly recently but feeling better now. So haven’t been posting as much as normal I don’t think. My ears got a bit congested with the infection I had so wasn’t really able to hear a great deal through my headphones and iem’s. However now I am back on track I listened to my andromeda’s properly for the first time in around 10 day’s and Wowzwers. I really love my Andromeda’s I had quite a few wow moments and was grinning from ear to ear like a buffoon in bed with my wife thinking that I had finally gone doolally. I really enjoyed just listening to the clarity a and great treble these bad boys have. Sometimes I may get complacent with my gear but I feel blessed to have my modest collection (by some standards) of gear and music. I just had to let you know. Really enjoying the Focal Clears too but will wait a while longer before giving impressions.


I love my Andromeda, but due to sensitive ear canals they don’t get as much use as my over ears. Plus I stopped taking the bus into work, so not as much of a need for IEMs. I don’t think it would be appropriate to use them in the gym either lol. But now I’m going to break them out and use them at my desk at work thanks to your post, so thank you for that!


Yes, I think that the shape and size of the Andro’s stops them being truly comfortable for a lot of people. I think they’re a bit polarising in that way. You either like the fit or you don’t. This matched with them being to match with sources due to their impedance and picky nature make you work a little to get the best from them. Well worth it though.


Would be great if Campfire made Custom Andromedas! They just started “beta” testing a CIEM version of the Atlas, called the Equinox, on their site. While I haven’t heard the Atlas yet, I don’t think its the style I want to spend big bucks on.


I am sure somebody posted that they’ll do you Customs on request.


Have you looked at the new Solaris from Campfire Audio. Just had an email from them. $1499. Looks interesting.


Yeah definitely. Saw the leaks on it the other day but looks like the full details now. Andromeda mixed with atlas?


For sure. That’s what it looks like. I am very happy with my Andromeda’s. I really don’t feel the need for change. To me the Andromeda’s are as good as it gets for my personal tastes. However if you crave more visceral bass then I suppose the Solaris could be what you’re after. Very nice looking. What do you think @DarthPool and @antdroid


Very handsome set of IEMs…that being said, I’m currently happy with my Andros as well. Maybe if these were to drop in price a bit I would think about it. But my other problem is I’m more of a Over ear kind of guy… but if my Andros ever fail these would be top of my list.


Yes. I have a slight leaning to iem’s myself but love overears too. If I could only have one listening item though it would be an iem and that would be my Andros. But I am greedy so I want best of both worlds. I do like a bit of variety though.

I keep having to pinch myself to be sure that I own these beautiful headphones and iem’s.


I prefer over-ears too but IEMs get a lot more use for me lately, mostly due to review priorities than anything. I still prefer over-ears except with my ever-growing interest in headphones have also come with weight penalties, and over-ears can be neck fatiguing for me given my current crop of preferred headphones.


Yes certain headphones are heavy though I don’t own any real heavyweights. I guess if your a fan of the LCD series from Audeze amongst others then weight could be an issue. Don’t get me wrong I really like overear headphones but just have a slight penchant for iem’s. I guess a 65/35 split in favour of iem’s. I started my audio journey with iem’s well before I got into overear headphones so I am catching up really. I find iem’s to be more convenient for me. Especially as sometimes I need to spend time in hospital.

For the past 18 months overear gear has taken up more of my time and energy.


Hi guys! I have my andromedas for about 2 months now and pairing them with an astell&kern SE100 DAP and spiral dot tips which i just got a few weeks ago. This combo sounds fantastic! Im getting zero hiss. Blows me away every single time.