Campfire Audio Andromeda in-ear Headphones - Official Thread



Because… science!

Edit: Was pleasantly surprised… these are actually really cool sounding while gaming… that being said bass was almost non-existent. But the treble sparkle really highlights “simulated gun fire” pretty good and it was pretty easy to hear where things were coming from. Granted soundstage wasn’t that great but very doable… but I will probably stick to my gaming headsets/HD700/HD800 in the future :wink:


More! More science…

The cool thing is picking up all the little pops and sparkling from the tube (apparently not fully burned in yet) I actually really like the sound profile a lot with this!!! I just have to be very careful with the volume. On absolute zero volume I still hear music…the Andromeda is such a cool lil IEM to experience and play with sources.

Edit: and saw the picture and immedietly started dusting my entire desk…yuck!


There is currently a B-stock sale going on right now. $799 for white and $849 for green.


I want those white ones!!! Son of a…hmmm…to buy and sell my current set…

edit: must resist…must resist


I don’t need these, I don’t need these …


Haha nobody “needs” $1k+ IEMs, but damn are they nice. Diminishing returns is real and my chi-fi stuff sounds incredible, but Andromeda is still the best IEM I have heard.


Fair enough. Mostly, I’m still in a place where I see IEMs as something to take on the go, and I don’t know that I would take an $800 pair of IEMs on the go, especially with those delicate BA drivers inside.


I take my Andromeda with me everywhere lol…are BA drivers notorious for being fragile…to the internet!


I was mostly going by something I saw on the Campfire Audio website’s Warranty section:

Also just because the shells are aluminum BA drivers are incredibly delicate, can and will be damaged if you drop them on a hard surface, submerge them in liquid or generally abuse them. We do not lay claim that they are indestructible and they should be cared for like a high end camera or other fine electronic device.

The “incredibly delicate” part gave me pause.


damn, those white ones are cool. Figures I got the green recently. Would’ve totally gone for the white. Happy with what I have though. Andros are just too good.


Yeah I’m having a hard time not picking up the white ones…and I just got my Andromeda a couple weeks ago.


Unless there’s an unusually high impulse resulting from being mounted in metal shells (transmitting more energy than plastic ones, as well as having more mass, in the event of a drop/fall), I wouldn’t worry about this too much.

I’ve been carrying BA-driver based IEMs for 22+ years now, with no particular regard for keeping them safe from drops or getting roughed up a bit, and no drivers have failed yet. That began with the single-driver ER4S which I used for 22 years without issue (only recently traded those in for the ER4XR), and has extended to the Shure SE846, a couple of iterations of the EE Zeus, AAW900, and so on … with no driver issues at all.

With the green Andromeda I’d be more concerned about the state of the finish if you drop them. That seems to chip just from talking about them too loudly …


Haha I’ve definitely never had an issue with chipping on them but I’ve also never let them fall. But I have definitely seen units that are worse for wear. Although as Ken Ball from Campfire would say, it has developed a "nice patina" .

I will say that I’ve had the same pair of 1More Quad Drivers for two years and @andrew can attest that they aren’t exactly treated very nicely anymore and they are still going strong. I fall asleep with them, roll over them, throw them in my bag with no case. Haven’t even had a cable issue yet. Always makes me wonder what people are doing to their headphones when they post a picture of some garbled headphones after a couple weeks of owning them!

In the end they are $1100 headphones (or in this case $800) and this is more so legal warranty speak so that people aren’t out there running them over with their cars and then looking for a RMA. I think you’ll find most companies will say the same about any of the headphones they are selling (aside from the ones meant to be trashed like sports headphones).

I couldn’t tell you scientifically if BA drivers are more delicate than other drivers though. I can tell you that we have had an Andromeda in the office that wasn’t treated very delicately with no effect on the sound. YMMV though.


Thank you, that is comforting!

As usual, Tyll has useful information. From my reading of that, it sounds like there are definitely ways to compensate for BA drivers’ inherent delicateness.


Well I guess I’ll stop practicing my bolas throw with my Andros then…sigh lol


Definitely some great info there! Hopefully that trend continues at IF although early impressions aren’t very promising unfortunately.

Tyll did a ridiculous amount for the headphone community.


Personally I baby all my gear whether or not it’s expensive. I always have done with tech gear. Other stuff not so much. I don’t really know why. Anyhow, I was just going to say from reading around various sites and forums people who look after their gear and keep them in cases and don’t throw them around don’t seem to have as many problems as those who do. I know it’s a sweeping statement but just my opinion. I know that I couldn’t bring myself to mistreat my gear I haven’t the money to keep replacing it. Although I am always up for an upgrade.:grin:.

Oh and I wasn’t pointing a metaphorical finger in your direction I was just thinking out loud. :grinning:



I tend to baby my gear, and I wince when I accidentally allow my Andromedas to clack together when I’m folding the cable and prepping to put them in their case… But what a lovely patina they are getting.


Yes, trying to not let them bang together whenever I have them in my hand is a constant battle. Fingers crossed so far no marks after 9 months of use. :smiley:



The Razer DAC is actually really good, I’m really impressed with it. I guess buying THX has worked out for them lol. I’ll try and get around to a review of it with comparison between my portable setups. Need more listening time though.