Best Pics





“The sound is a little slow with hints of a distant ocean waves crashing. I would describe them as Warm, sticky/gooey, wet…”
Mr. Frog in reference to Shells by Snail



These guys need some head phones what would you recommend?


“Orange Sunshine”


Have 12 sets to date. 3 DACs, 6 amps(3 portables), and a sense of humor. Anything on that list your missing? Here to enjoy myself as well as pass along knowledge.
Not sure how to take your comment, and I hope that there is room for humor here. Next to music, laughter is the best medicine.

Larry Thompson


??? Puzzled! Sent pm






I am curious about the technology. Those cans must use wireless Slime-Fi technology. I wonder, if they make an in-ear version?


I believe they are called the Babel fish…


There a lower end product and I am surprised no one knew this.
They are ifrogz.




the future!!


Man those are just… I am at a loss. They look fun, but would you wear them? Some people have very creative yet strange minds. I love Star Trek but that’s going too far. :smiley:. Some Ferengi ones would be much better.



I don’t think my image could pull it off lol, also I’m more of a Star Wars guy… I want a porg screaming in each of my ear holes…no…no I don’t actually… Shivers


Haha, seriously though there are some really weird iem’s/headphones out there. Of course I am talking about the novelty kind. Perhaps there should be a competition to find the weirdest pair out there.

I once saw a picture on Reddit

Oops. Sorry don’t know what happened there I fell asleep whilst sat in chair listening to my headphones whilst writing this message on my mobile. I have totally lost my train of thought. Sorry.



Ooh ooh my turn! Check these out



Some strange minds and creations frequent the Internet. The first picture I am not sure what to make of it. Is it some kind of prosthetic?

The second is well I don’t know, it’s just weird. Is it some kind of costume piece.

Now the steampunk things I like. I am sure I’ve come across something similar in high end custom iem’s. Where I think you can get the shells done with this kind of Finnish. Not sure which company though.