Best IEMs to find in your ears after waking up on the floor and you can't remember the night before



The 425 are the best ones I have tried for sleeping in. Though I haven’t tried all that’s out there.


Quick Report on Bedphones-

They seem to be just what they say they are. Somewhat better sound than I expected. There’s a real transducer in them. The catch is getting them positioned to sound good. One presses them flat over the ear canal, then move the “memory” wire around until it makes your ears stick out. :wink:

Pretty comfortable. Should be fine for a side sleeper. Not for critical listening, but more than good enough for radio, talk, or low to moderate volume music to doze off to.

The packaging comes with a nice little sleep mask so you can nod off when the lights are on, or drive through New Jersey without viewing offensive “scenery”.


That piece of design alone made me love the headphone. Cables break cause I abuse them, but I will gladly maintain these now that they’ve broken in. The sound is just damn hard to beat for the price.