Best headphone in the newly fleshed-out $500-$1000 category


The 007 is definitely technically more proficient but it’s surprising how good at is for just relaxing. It has me thinking about selling my HE1000 because while the HE1000 is definitely better at everything by a step or two, when I just want to relax I don’t really care about technicalities.

The thing I’ve consistently disliked about Stax, all the way to the SR-009, is that they have this etherealness to the sound that makes it lack weight. They may have enough bass quantity, but since they have this weird weightless texture to it, it makes me kind of uneasy. The Koss isn’t quite as weightless so it’s a lot nicer for to me.


I know you’ve heard the LCD2C and I believe you may currently have an HD58X in your possession, which are my current primary headphones. I’m curious how you would characterize the Koss’s sound relative to either or both of those.


Yup! The LCD2C has a bit more bass impact but the mids are a lot more artificial-sounding and timbre is off overall to me. They both kinda go for the more relaxing sound so I can see you picking one over the other.

The HD58X sounds hollower and veils detailed significantly more than the ESP950. The mids on the ESP950 sound a lot more natural to me too; they’re both kind of dipped compared to my HD600, but the 950’s balance is more natural since it doesn’t have a midbass lift like the 58X does.


CFX for sure but not very far behind C7X

Value for money hand down C7X .

Glad I don’t play the piano. I could just see me getting one of those on the installment plan and then going bankrupt. :wink:


Damnit I saw these, when they first dropped…but was holding off now you guys have made me put in an order. Never heard electro-stats either @pwjazz… should be fun next year…


A year ago I wasn’t even into headphones, now I’ve got @Torq telling me to look at LCD-4s and I’m encouraging @DarthPool’s habit.


Well, that’s two of us now to look at the LCD-4s . Amazing! especially if you like articulate bass. Its not how low it goes. It’s how well it goes low.


For the record, I have not “looked” at the LCD-4s except in pictures, I’m just doing what I can to enjoy my LCD2C at the moment :wink:


Not to tempt you with something more reasonable, but the pre-Fazor LCD3’s are still in my top 5 headphone midranges I’ve ever heard, and those are under a grand…


They’re the closest thing I can think of to a stat HD650, if that helps at all.


Which would you prefer, a well driven HD650 or the stock ESP/950?


I think it depends on the music. Overall I prefer the HD650 midrange but the ESP950 is going to be a bit better as an all arounder because it’s extends well to 20Hz unlike the HD650.


I have been sorely tempted to buy these myself. I will have to hold off for now. Happy listening hope you and @pwjazz let me know how they are. I’ve never heard electrostatic headphones myself.



I thought I’ve heard most everything at least once, but electrostatics are not one of them for me also. I’m sure I will bite the bullet and try some soon, This is not a good time for me either. I always hear people rave about them.


Yes I know. They seem like they’d suit me down to a tee. However just got some Focal Clears (used) so I can’t afford anything else now. Never mind cuppa soup and noodles for a few months now. :slightly_smiling_face:.



I just pulled out of the drop. From doing a search on Devbrada I realized that the ESP/950 can be had used for $400 or less already, which means that:

  1. If I really want to try out the sound, I can do so without waiting
  2. If I stayed in the drop and ended up not liking the unit that much, I’d take a bit of a hit on selling them

So, back to enjoying what I have for now :slight_smile:


Ah! This is one fine pair of headphones. They are one of the ones I wish I never sold. No doubt I will need to buy them again. I liked them more than the Utopias. They had most of the dynamics and speed of the Utopias at 1/2 the price. To my ears they had more depth, which was my chief complaint of the Utopias.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. :sunglasses:


I am sure I will. I’ve heard lots of good things about them. I am looking forward to them.



I might have to do the same…found this in my research also.


good thread and helpful, given i’m also seeking some new cans.
just sold the fostex thx00 ebonys (great subass but not as detailed in other parts of spectrum as i’d like)…
had hd650s for a while but didin’t do it for me…had sony 7520 but too much midbass.

seeking a pair of cans that are detailed, have great tight bass impact (i’m a basshead lite) and yet slightly warm/smooth without losing the details…good for rock, blues, jazz…versatile in general.

zmf auteur look interesting but i can’t audition those, will also soon review the lcd2c and focal clear.

i’ll also have to upgrade my mojo to dac/amp separates.

so we’ll see…eventually (once my car accident claim is resolved) i can dump 2-4k into a system.