Balanced Cable Discussion


In my Tidal trial debacle, I can’t get the desktop app to play hifi/master quality. Instead, it only plays Normal. So far Tech Support has been useless, asking me questions I already gave them answers to in my initial question to them.

Android works fine though, so I decided to make an balanced 2.5mm to dual 3-pin XLR cable today to plug directly into my balanced amp(s). Seems to work just fine. :slight_smile:

I also made a second 2.5mm balance to Stereo RCA today to use at my second office location.


The trailer doesn’t work if you only use headphones when you don’t want to blast the loudspeakers. Even assuming that you remove internal partitions from your trailer to create a room that has a length greater than 1/4 the wavelength of your bass tuning target. (Otherwise you will experience a 12 dB per octave roll off, and will therefore have to weld additional length into the frame of your trailer to compensate). Then there is the matter of reducing internal reflections from shorter wavelengths, Probably you ought to cut along the ceiling and side walls (non-linearly) and use a large English wheel to fit some pieces of sheet metal curved to minimize the reflections. After the divorce, you could consider buying a second trailer, and setting them on end, making each one into a fully satisfactorily sized transmission line.

No, I’m not sparing the random thoughts of a crazed old audiophile. Oooo, i’m Feeling attenuated.