Audeze Mobius Planar Magnetic Wireless Gaming Headphone - Official Thread



Nice photos man! Already doing good work with that new toy!


I finally got the 1.7 20mm lumix pancake lens that you recommend, but haven’t had time to play with it. I’ve been eyeing another lens @Torq recommended (1.4) but all my new shinies are taking precedent for now, plus holiday shopping is taking up my budget until end of December


Looks down the huge rabbit hole :eyes: shouts ‘@DarthPool are you in there, come back’ :laughing:


All you can hear are distant echoes now.



Hehe I am impressed with your time management skills. You seem to lead a very busy life and have loads on the go yet seem to pull it off. I am impressed with your pictures too. Photography isn’t something I have ever really had a great interest in. Although I love looking at good photographs. I admire the talent that the real professionals have in being able to construct the scene and have the eye to be able to see the art in the shot.

I don’t seem to be able to juggle more than one passion at once. To my detriment. :grin:


well, all these pictures were taken between 6-7am at work lol or 8-11pm at night at home…because everything in between is spoken for as far as time is concerned. Honestly sleep takes a backseat most days, I’m trying to get better about that.


Those look great! The difference between your phone pictures and your new camera is night and day!


Still learning how to use it, but @Torq and @antdroid have been big helps with hitting the ground running…


And a big enough quality jump to warrant posting the updated review to

Nice job @DarthPool


Awesome job @DarthPool. Look forward to seeing the updated review on!


@Torq, @taronlissimore, @andrew

Thank you gentleman! I appreciate it, I am enjoying the learning and collaboration everyone provides on this forum, really is a breath of fresh air on the interweebs these days. Hopefully I’ll continue to improve on both writing, photography capabilities, and the most important the critical ear improvements lol


Yep nice job @DarthPool. Like I say watch out @Torq. :eyes::grin:


Ha, @Torq has been instrumental in getting my reviews to this stage. He is a wealth of knowledge and I’m very appreciative for his willingness to share and help guide us here on the forum. I know I try to absorb as much as I can from him, I don’t have the technical know how, or experience. People like yourself and @Torq really make this forum special, and it gives me a break from the day to day drudgery/politics/people being $#!+?(poopy) lol.
Anyhow thank you to everyone on the forum for being who you are and keeping the spirit of this group alive and well.


@Torq is the backbone of the forum without doubt. And everyone else makes the site what it is. It’s a pleasant place to hang.