Audeze Mobius Planar Magnetic Wireless Gaming Headphone - Official Thread



There you go!


Yeah it isn’t good. I need to buy as much cheap ChiFi as I can now!




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Just to clarify this post you are talking about the Mobius tracking right?

I read on head-fi that the tracking was going to spam folders.




Yup, tracking did indeed go to my spam on gmail. I think this has been the general experience for most people waiting for their Mobius.


Gmail doesn’t like unsolicited mail from Chinese servers. Who knew!


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All right, so I just got mine yesterday and tested it for about an hour. Here are some very rough impressions:


These headphones are HEAVY! Particularly bottom heavy. Fortunately, though, they are also extremely comfortable and snug, so I didn’t end up feeling too weighed down in normal use. Overall, it feels sturdy and well put together, with plenty of padding in the right places. I also have large ears, and I’m happy to say they are well accommodated.


This isn’t just a pair of headphones. You buy it for the rich array of features it brings. And holy moly, it’s packed. I barely explored a few, so I’ll cover them here.

First off, the different EQ settings are quite interesting and really easy to flip through. For music, I found default or “Music” to be best. I haven’t tried a lot of games, but Witcher 3 sounded good with the RPG setting, as voices and ambient sounds seemed better pronounced than with “Default”. I’ll be trying more in the coming days.

The rest of the “fun” settings, like the 3d surround and multi channel, only seem to work in USB mode. So far, I’ve tried 3D mode and the 7.1 mode, both for games and music.

For music, 3d mode is a trip. It feels like the music is coming from somewhere in front of your face, and turning your head gives the impression that there was a speaker over there. Oddly, the musical fidelity is not too badly distorted by this. I wouldn’t use it regularly though.

For games, however, it was a boon, especially paired with 7.1ch. I have a large monitor, so I end up turning my head sometimes. The 3d effect makes it feel as if the sound is anchored to your character and flowing in from all around you. In Witcher 3, for example, I triggered a sound bite from an NPC, turned my character away, ran some paces ahead, and physically turned my head a bit to the right. Throughout this entire time, I could exactly pinpoint where the NPC was standing, how far behind, and at what angle. You really need to try it to experience it. Definitely something I’m going to be using frequently.


Simply put, they’re a great pair of planars. Superb bass extension, good imaging, and fairly good instrument separation. I particularly enjoy them for more upbeat tracks that have a lot of punch. For more acoustic music, I felt that the sound was a bit too in your face and would have preferred something like the HD600, which gives a better feeling of space.

Soundstage is fairly narrow, but imaging felt accurate.

Testing in bluetooth mode vs USB, I couldn’t tell too much of a difference. But the “HiRes” mode is only available in USB, and that seemed to sound a lot fuller bodied when played through Roon. That said, it’s hands down the best sound from a pair of bluetooth headphones I have ever heard.

I haven’t had a chance to test it with the AUX cable yet, but that’s coming soon.


All in all, I’d say it’s more than worth it for the going price. You get:

  1. A great sounding pair of planar headphones
  2. One of the best sounding bluetooth headphones you’ll hear
  3. An excellent gaming headset with a high def mic
  4. Fantastic DSP features that actually work and are not available (in this quality) in any other headset on the market today


I would love to do a thread with you on the Mobius similar to what @pwjazz and I did with the HD58X, any thoughts on it? I’ll try and put together a quick review of the Mobius too…I’ve been meaning to, just had other reviews on my plate I wanted to get through first.


Sure, we can get a proper review thread going, and in that time I will also collect more detailed impressions


fun one to listen to the mobius 7.1 surround on…I really liked In the air tonight remaster, but there are some fun ones in there that utilize 7.1


It’s funny but I actually prefer listening with 7.1 active all the time, or at least some form of the DSP active. I think High-res and 7.1 are not all that far apart when it comes to the quality of the audio (it’s there, but not enough to care about). Having the virtual room up reminds me of having my monitor speakers going, it is such a trip… I constantly have to make sure I’m not listening to music off of speakers and just assume the Mobius is on lol.


I should have a review ready by next week. Just need to finish up gaming impression and polish up my notes. Then get photos done. Photos…done… maybe two weeks…lol


I remember my first time turning on the 7.1 with Mobius on my PC. It was late at night, and I thought I was going to get a serious yelling at. Thought I had left my desktop monitors on but it was just the Mobius. Thank goodness. :slight_smile: Super trippy experience. But that’s how cool it is.


I’m constantly checking to make sure I don’t have my monitors on lol. Such a cool experience in audio


Bit of the opposite experience for me. I’m very sensitive to imaging, and 3d distorts that aspect way too much for me. Music loses that “personal” feeling.


With RDR2 out today, and my hopefully renewed interest in gaming again, I am missing the mobius hah. Currently starting RDR2 on my Vita with IEMs. Not quite the same…


trying to kick up a console war! XB1X!!! :wink: I’m having fun with it so far… but man I forgot how clunky the controls are in these games.