Audeze Mobius Planar Magnetic Wireless Gaming Headphone - Official Thread



Do you guys get any motion sickness using the 7.1 surround sound and head tracking?



Disclaimer: I don’t have these in my possession yet, but some close friends do.

After hearing reviews and friends talk about them I think these headphones fit into a few different categories of need. First off at the basic level, these are a great set of planar magnetic headphones. From what I can tell they sound similar to LCD2 grade. Purely for music these are a great value at the preorder price, and still a good value headphone now. This makes them good for music.

Secondly they are a great bluetooth headphone. They include LDAC support which is great, and they come packed with tons of audio tuning features including on the fly EQ. For bluetooth listening they are a TOL headphone. This makes them great for wherever you need wireless music capabilities.

Third, they are a great headphone for spacial augmentation. With the previous points taken into consideration, include a mic and head tracking, the Mobius stands out as the premier gaming headphone for audiophiles. This makes them great for movies and games.

In short, they are great music, on-the-go, movies, and gaming headphones. If you are only going to be using one of the 5 intended uses, then as always it comes down to what that is worth to you. Maybe just get some LCD2’s instead?


Thanks Ryan for clearly marking out it’s strengths. It really is pushing technology along in the right direction. As a multi-use headphone it offers great value. Though I think your right in saying that I may indeed go down the LCD route. I can see myself picking up a used pair of LCD’s though I am undecided which at this moment. I would love a set of LCD4’s but haven’t won the lottery yet. :slightly_smiling_face:. Thanks for your thoughts though.



I was part of the post-kickstarter preorder batch and have been patiently waiting for it to ship for over 3 months. I did get an email saying it should ship by the EOW, but I’ll believe it when I see it


Same here. I want it…


Man, listening to “3D” music aka mixed into a 7.1 channel system the tracks I’m listening to are all digitally done to output to 7.1 but still a very cool trick. At this point I don’t have true 7.1 music on hand so most of it is pretty gimmicky. That being said it is a very cool gimmick, and while gaming or movies it is really cool! My other favorite thing about these is that they make me feel like I’m listening to my JBL 30X monitor speakers while listening to standard stereo music. I actually will frequently check to make sure I’m not actually listening to my speakers lol. Audio quality is pretty good, and honestly I would put these as a solid buy (mostly due to the multi-purpose nature, that and they do a lot of things very well). These aren’t the best headphones I’ve listened to or own, but they are hands down the best gaming headphones I’ve ever listened to. I’m looking forward to adding the Vokyl Erupts to the mix (even though I feel like they are apples to oranges when comparing based on features and what they are each trying to accomplish. Erupt is keeping it simple but super high quality, while Mobius is the tech savant trying to tackle multiple problems at once).


In an effort to not have so many headphones I’m a little torn between keeping these or keeping the Sine, or both. They both sound similar, cost about the same. I prefer the aesthetics and portability of the Sine but the Mobius has a lot of neat features like wireless.

Sigh. First world problems :wink:


Definitely agree on the aesthetics.

I think if Audeze released a purely wireless version without all the gaming features, made it black with increased isolation they would easily have one of the best selling wireless headphones based purely on the sound.


Mine should come in tomorrow. What are some good things to test on these?


Wow still haven’t gotten any notification for mine… Oh well


Yeah this shipped 3 months after I ordered, so hopefully yours comes in soon.


I ordered on the 14 of June so…it’s been a while. BTW the first thing I’m going to do on them is listen to the Dark Knight in 3D.


Nice. Also, what actually shipped from Audeze was the case -_- No sign of shipping for my headphones yet. I ordered on the 13th of June, so likely both of ours are stuck in customs.


Custom are the bane of my life. UK customs is very hit and miss sometimes you sail through and don’t get charged and other times your package is stuck for weeks. I am currently awaiting some headphones for the US. They got sent on the 20th of September and arrived in the UK on the 23rd and customs still have them. The pain, the anguish . I am not a patient man.:slightly_smiling_face:.



Dang. I got a shipping notification (Team Blue) last week, but it’s still sitting in a warehouse in China as of now…


US customs weren’t too bad, especially on things coming from China. Ever since these tariff wars have started I’ve seen it get worse and worse. Really stinks.


Yes with Brexit looming too it’s uncertain what will happen to imports. Slower and more expensive? It makes me wonder. Also it must be worrying for you guys in the US with the so called ‘Trade War’ hotting up. I hope things settle down soon. Having two big players like the US and China trading blows and tariffs is not good for the rest of us either.



I never got an email or anything saying when my Mobius would arrive…it just showed up one day. :man_shrugging:


Hi @DarthPool, I always feel like I am sat across the breakfast bar drinking coffee with you every time your picture pops up. It was a great idea. Both you and @pwjaz. Hehe.:grin:.



Just noticed I had a notification from “SFC Services” in my spam from Sep 28th. The package arrived in Dallas Fort-Worth yesterday morning and is likely in customs.