Audeze Mobius Planar Magnetic Wireless Gaming Headphone - Official Thread



Yeah, luckily @antdroid posted the link.


Digital vs Analog measurements

Same warning about “grains of salt” and “limitations of MiniDSP” and all that.

I measured USB-C to my usb-hub to my laptop first shown and measured in red below. Then I gently attached a 3.5mm cable to the headphone which is connected to my Topping DX7 balanced DAC to my PC. Re-ran it and I got a weird hump in the lower mids. The upper mids and treble match identically to the digital connection.

Just to be sure, I re-ran this in multiple positions on both ears and each time I got the same hump. Restarted my app several times and still same thing. Then I wondered if it was an Output Impedance thing. The DX7 is 10 Ohms using single-ended output. I installed an iFi IEar Buddy to the line and re-ran the test, and it measures identically to the last one.Tried the stock cable and my own cable, same results. Not sure what’s going on… see chart below:

Audibly – using my own ears to listen to a track or two, there may be a slight difference in the low end between digital and analog. The digital does sound a tad more extended and has more rumble. The analog connection is punchier and leaner. Could just be placebo though. Will need to listen more back and forth between the two. (listened to some Daft Punk songs)


Posted my full review and full measurements here:

Summary of the link:

The Mobius surprised me. I had a lot of doubts pre-ordering this headphone. It obviously was targeted at gamers and most gaming headphones pretty much suck and are overpriced. But the Audeze name and history of high quality headphones drew me in. There’s a lot of tech in this package and they do it mostly right.

The sound quality impressed me! I find it priced accordingly at $399, and a great deal at the initial offering price at $250.

As a wired device, there may be some issues using it with an analog input, but it works great using USB. I’ve had no issues so far using it with Windows 10 and using it with my Onkyo DP-S1 digital audio player and Android phone with USB.

As a wireless bluetooth device, there’s nothing that I’ve tried anywhere close to this level of quality. LDAC plus the internal amping power of the Mobius make it easily the best wireless headphone I’ve tried. Most everyone will be happy using this with cordless freedom. You’ll forget you aren’t wired.

Some of drawbacks of this headphone include the lack of extended bass, slightly harsh treble, gimmicky appearance, and somewhat confusing button layout. The appearance is subjective of course, but this is by far the biggest eye-sore of the Audeze family. That said, when I brought these into work, everyone in my office thought they looked great and like a luxury item.

In the end, as a music headphone, I think the Mobius is doing great. I am finding this to be a great wireless bluetooth daily driver for work. It fits the bill for what I need in portability and comfort with sound quality to make me happy.


When are we going to game!!! Lol I’m going to hopefully get some solid time in with these now that I’m back from vacation…plus Forsaken just dropped…


Gaming requires time from other things. And other things have taken priority. :frowning: I do play a lot of Football Manager though, but that doesn’t really justify using the Mobius lol.


I am awaiting the release of Red Dead Redemption 2. I loved the first one. :grin:.



Yes!!! Red Dead is such a good game, can’t wait to play the new one!


I thankfully, get at least a couple of hours a day to mess with my hobbies (headphones, gaming, reading, catching up on news feeds) picking one to focus on is the hard part! Usually I can do two at once, unless I’m reviewing headphones, and need to focus solely on those while listening.


How do you switch between 7.1/5.1/2.1/aand hires


Worth a thousand words :wink:


Definitely takes some getting used to as you can see from the “Quick Guide” that @DarthPool posted but after using them for a week I found I had no problems getting the settings I wanted on the fly. The learning curve will probably vary from user to user depending on how tech savy you are though.


I have Carly Simon (or maybe the ketchup commercial singer for you younger forumites) playing through my head figuratively, but not literally, through my long awaited Mobius which finally arrived today.

I have a full on pavlovian drool going on here as I stare at the charging light on these cans. I’ve read the manual, looked at all the buttons and wheels and now just stare at the red light wondering if it will turn blue or something when fully charged which is not addressed in the otherwise extremely detailed and tongue-in-cheek humorous manual. How much charge did this ship with? Do I need to wait the full three hour charge before putting these into action.

I’m being responsible with my new toy but the … urge … to … play … with … them … now … nearly overwhelming.

I must resist (whimper).



Just USB them and listen! They charge that way too lol well as long as it is a powered slot.


Just got the “We are shipping soon email”… if there is one thing I’ve learned with this whole ordeal, keep your expectations low. That’s the only way I can stay sane.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I feel like I am missing out here. It’s a very tempting purchase, but I don’t use headphones for gaming. The 3D/Surround sound stuff sounds interesting, though any time I have tried listening to music with such trickery it’s always left me underwhelmed. Does it add anything to the listening experience or is it just, as I suspect for gaming?



I suppose I could have done that Darth but that’s not how it played out.

After staring at the charge light a little too long my fiancé interceded, in an apparent desire to have a life, so off we went for dinner and drinks. I must admit that while socializing with her and others there was a corner of my brain still focused on returning home to check the new shiny cans out. I have been an audiophile, which as best I can tell is roughly defined as a nerd with excellent hearing and critical listening skills, but the mobius was going to be a different adventure beyond music and I really wanted to check it out.

When the Uber guy finally dropped us back home I found the headphones fully charged (indicated by the red charging light having gone out … previous mystery solved) and launched Elite Dangerous on the PC to try em’ out.

First attempt was bluetooth connection which was neat but discovered that all the aural wizardry is only available with a usb hookup. After downloading the Audeze HQ program I enabled 7.1, centered the head tracking and went back to the game.

Holy Moly!! These were immersive and provided a whole new dimension to the game. Overwhelming even. I had to pause and get into the game configuration to tweak various sound levels to make it more manageable to my ears and then back to gaming nirvana with great sound and new aural cues with the 360 soundstage greatly increasing situational awareness. I could tell by sound that I was being attacked from behind but also turning my head slightly gave a much more accurate location clue with the head tracking feature. Unfortunately I had to cut it all short due to time restraints.

I intend to waste much more of my life soon checking these out with RPG and FPS games, which I suspect will have an even more dramatic impact with the Mobius enhancement.

I’ll try and report further impressions later but for now it’s a thumbs up for gaming, even being stuck with a cord for best benefits.


I haven’t tried any 3D trickery with music yet Paul but I would suspect it would still be a disappointment for you compared with your normal listening rig. Since you don’t game, the biggest benefit for you would be if you had a need for bluetooth connectivity with your phone or other listening arrangements when you couldn’t be tethered to that rig. I will say that after listening to nearly a dozen “high end” bluetooth headphones that left me unimpressed, these are far beyond those in audio quality. Not spectacular, but pretty darn good to a critical ear.


I had a similar experience, but instead of going out it was waiting for my daughter to go to bed. I haven’t had a lot of time to put them to the test. I will say listening to music it makes it seem like I’m listening to my JBL 30x monitors…kind of a trip. The 7.1 is very cool and can’t wait to hear more. I tried them with Assassin’s Creed Origins, and Overwatch.


I suspected as much. I think that because I don’t Game with headphones or use Bluetooth these wouldn’t be a viable purchase. They get great reviews from gaming audiophiles and quite a few
members on here really like them. @DarthPool really loves his but I only use my headphones for music and nothing else. Still these headphones do seem to be quite a step in the right direction and implement quite a bit of technology. Thanks tor the reply.



Ah speak of the devil. I was just replying when you popped up. Haha. Just saying that I know you love your set as do others. I just don’t think I would have a use for them. Intriguing though.