Audeze Mobius Planar Magnetic Wireless Gaming Headphone - Official Thread



Oh man you haven’t been following the head-fi drama. The very first wave of them got shipped last week, probably less than 300 total. Only a fraction of those numbers made it to their owners. The rest were improperly labeled in shipment regarding their li-ion battery so they were in a holding pattern. Audeze corrected that issue and those that were held are getting delivered soon. But if you weren’t in the highest tiers of the campaign or haven’t gotten a tracking number last week you aren’t part of that batch.

For the rest of us, our shipments are now on hold. The very few first owners that received their pairs earlier this week all complained that there is a problem with hiss that is not dependent on volume level and is present at all times regardless of settings or connection types. The actual level of the hiss and how distracting it is seems to be very user specific as some have said they can get over the hiss and not notice it and others say it is unlistenable. Audeze was made aware of this problem immediately and they decided to pause the roll out of the remainder of the shipments until they resolve this issue. Late last night Audeze commented that they should have updates on the situation coming later today.


There was too much to sift through on headfi but I saw the comments about the hiss.

Shame on the shipping! I was part of the second tier for lowest pricing AND was in the top 3 for most referrals. I opted to get a second pair for free. So I thought I would be one of the first to receive my Mobius but I guess not. :frowning:

It’s understandable from a logistical standpoint to encounter shipping issues, especially coming directly from the factory. But that hiss thing is definitely worrisome. Hope they have a quick fix with up (maybe an update in firmware or some kind of Hz filter).


This is disappointing…I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on these too. Hopefully they communicate soon what the issue is and give a good timeline for shipment. But I would prefer to wait and get a solid pair over a hurried shipment of incomplete sets.


Audeze posted an update about the hiss and shipping on head-fi here. If there is one thing you can say about Audeze its that their customer support is top notch. The Mobius is Sankar’s baby so I’m sure he’s doing everything in his power to make sure its the best experience for everyone!


Wow, they’re setting the bar high for other manufacturers! I don’t have a Mobius on order but I do own an LCD2C. I go back and forth on how much I like it, but this sort of thing makes me feel good about continuing to own it.


Well I got a text saying mine should be delivered today!!


So I got my mobius today!! 2 pairs actually. Are the ear pads glued on? Cause they messed up on mine. I’m noticing that hiss people were mentioning. It’s more static than a hiss but it’s definitely noticeable.


The Earpads are glued on but they are glued onto the copper ring on the cup. It has a little tab on each side

Audeze talked about the the pads in the head-fi thread. I would place pretty good money that they are probably going to be releasing a pad upgrade at some point in the future.

If you haven’t been following the on-going thread on head-fi at all, Audeze has said to contact them if you did receive a unit with hiss. They pulled the rest of the shipments to fix the hiss and they said once those have been fixed and shipped out they would be replacing the ones that were already shipped. They gave a timeline of mid to late August.


I’ve been following the thread and have been in contract with Audeze. Great customer service to boot. They told me to just enjoy the headphones for now and they would be exchanging once they finished fixing the pre shipped units.

They’re pretty great so far and the 3D audio is very cool. It’s a pretty simple concept but it works well. Mic is great as well, except my cat chewed mine up :frowning:


Hopefully the cat modified mic isn’t an issue when they do the swap for you!


Update, received ~9pm EST, for Mobius in regards to Indiegogo orders. Looks like all the applicable units have been modified (hardware and software updates) and shipment has resumed with the goal to ship all Indiegogo units over the next seven to ten days. Hopefully all other orders will follow soon after.

Edit: fixed (I think) link to screenshot


So I got mine in the mail today with zero warning! No email saying they were on the way or anything. But stoked to get these on my head! I will say the DSP is very cool and the head tracking and room virtualization are intriguing…I’m looking forward to when they drop the software so you can start customizing it. I listened to music with both 7.1/2.1/High res modes…High Res turns off the 3D and turns the cans into pretty decent portable music solution (they sound good). The 7.1/2.1 were relatively hard to hear until you turn them off then it is like oh! The first time listening to them I thought I hadn’t switched off my LSR 30X desktop monitors and was afraid I just woke up my daughter! These really make you feel like you are listening to a 2.1/7.1 system and the head tracking is neat and adds to that dynamic. The head tracking is subtle and you might feel like you’re not getting it working properly…just switch back to high res and you will realize how much it adds to the DSP…really amazing technology for sure. I’m excited to play some games with them! Hopefully I’ll get some time before my family vaca in a couple days!


@antdroid posted his measurements and impressions here as well as on Head-Fi.

So if you are still waiting for your pair to arrive its a little something to look forward to!


Thanks for the tag. :slight_smile: If anyone has questions or wants some specific comparisons between EQs, let me know and I can create comparison charts as I have time.


No problem! Lots of good information there!

I was actually curious about what the headphones were connected to while doing the EQ measurements..

Nevermind just read it was done through PC with USB (was it USB C to C?) on High-Resolution.

Do you plan an doing any measurements with the Aux? Or with console? I’d be curious to see if there is a difference in the EQ between the PC and consoles.


You answered my only concern on your Reddit thread, I couldn’t find the software link… I kept trying to look for it under support, or directly on the Mobius section of the site… obvious thing wasn’t obvious for me last night doh!


Good idea. I’ll try it out. I would want to believe it wouldnt change anything since its internally amp’d and processed, but worth a look.


Yea I had to google it to find it. It’s not easily found on their website. They should really just have a link to it on the product page.


They do actually have a ton of information on the Mobius in their customer support section.

Why there isn’t some sort of link to it on their product page I do not know as that support section pretty much handled any questions or issues I had when I was doing my testing.


Might you be able to link this thread or where you got the software? I am having a difficult time myself… I also remember hearing Audeze say there would be an app for the Mobius at some point, Has anyone gotten this?

EDIT - Never mind, I found it but it is BURIED isn’t it…