Audeze Mobius Planar Magnetic Wireless Gaming Headphone - Official Thread



Oh man, now I’m even more excited to get these! Thank you for responding with more information. I will be using these a lot I think for all my gaming, and now potentially on the go needs. I hope we get more info soon about the JDS labs spin off gaming headset.


Thanks for going into detail on the gaming side of things. I know this forum isn’t centered around that, but these headphones are pretty geared toward that section of consumer. I bought them mainly for gaming so that is where my interest lies. The fact that they double as a great set of wireless (or wired) headphones for music is a great added bonus.

What I have gathered from most reviews is that the 3D tracking is not really good for music, as it takes away from the experience. However the 3D tracking really adds another level to movies and games. I think reviews for these two use cases should be completely separate, because muddying the two leads to confusion. This unit is going to be hard for reviewers to concisely report on due to its many use cases and endless features. It’s almost like the reviewer has to dedicate a section to each of those different use cases and features, which would be very time consuming. Every single user is going to have a different set of settings and uses, so writing a review for each of those will be near impossible.

Thanks again for the review, I thought you did a very good job at testing a myriad of features in the short time you had these.


Thanks for the updates!

Hmm I wonder if what you area hearing from consoles is really just the 3D processing, and not actually the virtual 5.1 or 7.1 setup? Audeze was pretty specific about saying that 5.1 and 7.1 wouldn’t work with consoles and only PC through USB.

I saw this quote from MadLustEnvy in the head-fi thread: “5.1/7.1 is through usb only, on PC. The rest will be two channel, so you won’t get the full fat 3d audio, though head tracking works and it’ll be like your audio is coming from two speakers in a virtual room if not using 5.1/7.1 pc source.”

Audeze official also posted this: "We would like to set realistic expectations. Options for interfacing with consoles is a matter of what can be done with existing input/output interfaces on Mobius.

Mobius has three input options:

1. USB: Supports 2/2.1/5.1/7.1
2. BT: As of today, even the best codec supports only 2 Channels
3. Aux: Is an analog interface and limited to 2 channels only

On consoles:

1. As of today there does not exist a console that can output 5.1 or 7.1 over USB (Edit: without licensing involved)
2. Aux out on consoles can output 2 channel only, either plain stereo or with some form of spatialization already done
3. Some consoles may support Bluetooth, here too you can get only two channels or some spatialization already done.
4. Optical out/Toslink: It does not have the bandwidth to support lossless 5.1 or 7.1 channels, so some form of encoding is required. Dolby/DTS can output compressed/lossy multi-channel audio over optical. But Mobius does not have an Optical input, so adding a Dolby/DTS decoder is of no use.

The only true solution I see here is if someone designs a Dolby/DTS decoder that will put out 5.1/7.1 channels over USB. If we find one we will certainly test and recommend one, we do not have current plans on building one from scratch.

If you switch off 3D on Mobius, you will still be able to take full advantage of what Mixamp offers except for head tracking."

And again Audeze mentioned this: “Mobius will have a special USB mode (switchable using some button combination) that will allow it to be used with a PS4 with USB. Headtracking and 3D emulation will work. Only Stereo is supported over USB for PS4”

But honestly if you aren’t really hearing a big difference between console and PC that is really promising, even if it technically isn’t using 5.1/7.1. The end result is more important than exactly which technology is being used. It sounds like the Mobius might really make Audeze more mainstream and a more recognizable name in the headphone/gaming communities.


Really excited to receive mine. I was one of the first hundred backers and won the referral contest as well.

I’ve only owned one other Audeze headphone, being the Sine. Can anyone compare the two? Or comment on similarities in sound sig to other headphones?


I talked with Sankar about it today.

Will be posting some updates in the impressions today to clear up some confusion!


Alright so I am just going to clarify some things from my impressions after speaking with Sankar from Audeze.

When I was speaking of gaming on the consoles, I was moreso talking about the ability to switch between audio modes. So you can switch between 7.1, 2 channel and high-res. However, due to limitations, the 2 channel and 7.1 are the same. It was the 3D mode effect that I was experiencing (and maybe some placebo as well since I am super hype about these). I definitely apologize for the confusion there but I think that also says something about the impressive 3D mode for gaming since it had me fooled into surround.

The next point I wanted to touch on was the head tracking. I said in my impressions that I didn’t like it for music as I found that when you turned your head you could only hear music out of one earcup. I just wanted to clarify this as this is still true. But, I was more so speaking if you are moving your head at a 90 degree angle which most people would not be doing on a regular basis. For regular use, you are only going to be moving your head a little bit. This more so applies to using them wirelessly since its hard to keep the headphones centred if you are walking around. I also learned some more about the Mobius app (Currently PC only, android and MacOS will be on their way at some point) which I will be doing more testing on over the weekend. Since my office laptop is a MacBook Pro that is where I have done most of the music listening. I will also do some more wireless listening with the head tracking on.

It is important to note that my above post was still impressions even though I have spent some time with the Mobius. There is a lot to unpack with them and they have a lot of new technology. I still stand behind what I said in my impressions about the Mobius being pretty much the best value in headphones you can get at $399.


Thank you for clarifying, I like that even while gaming it was hard to tell the difference between 2.0 and 7.1


Thanks for clarifying that. And like I said before, I do think that says something about their implementation of the 3D mode such that switching from 7.1 to 2.1 wasn’t drastically different. If it was subtle enough to be placebo then that is a win in my book, especially packed with all the other features Mobius has. I’ll be looking forward to receiving mine.


Looks like some early units are starting to roll out since people are now getting some impressions in!

I did spend the last week playing with the headtracking a little more since I would say I probably did not give it a fair shot since I kept turning it off while listening to music.

First off when listening in the high-resoution audio mode the 3D mode headtracking is completely bypassed so it can’t be used with high-resolution.

If you are looking to use it while plugged in for listening to music, your options are 2 channel or 7.1. When I was using the headtracking before, I was only using it in manual mode so I would need to recenter it multiple times and if you did turn your head at extreme angles there was sound only coming from whichever earcup was pointed towards where you centered. Unless you are turning your head constantly at more extreme angles, the 3D mode actually starts to feel pretty natural after a while. It does take a little bit to get used to though.

Where I found myself to actually really enjoy it was with wireless. The 3D auto was able to re-center pretty seamlessly where it ended up feeling a lot more natural. I would definitely not recommend 3D manual while walking though since there are a lot of direction changes. Unless you’re into hitting a lot of buttons constantly.

I did read of some sibilance and some hissing. I can say that I haven’t experienced any sibilance with the Mobius. The hissing I have only heard when I had the 3.5mm plugged into the headphone jack while having the USB C plugged in as well to charge. As soon as the USB C was unplugged from the Switch, there was no more background noise. I haven’t experienced any hissing or background noise while listening wirelessly or plugged into PC / Macbook.


Anyone else receive their unit?


Oh man you haven’t been following the head-fi drama. The very first wave of them got shipped last week, probably less than 300 total. Only a fraction of those numbers made it to their owners. The rest were improperly labeled in shipment regarding their li-ion battery so they were in a holding pattern. Audeze corrected that issue and those that were held are getting delivered soon. But if you weren’t in the highest tiers of the campaign or haven’t gotten a tracking number last week you aren’t part of that batch.

For the rest of us, our shipments are now on hold. The very few first owners that received their pairs earlier this week all complained that there is a problem with hiss that is not dependent on volume level and is present at all times regardless of settings or connection types. The actual level of the hiss and how distracting it is seems to be very user specific as some have said they can get over the hiss and not notice it and others say it is unlistenable. Audeze was made aware of this problem immediately and they decided to pause the roll out of the remainder of the shipments until they resolve this issue. Late last night Audeze commented that they should have updates on the situation coming later today.


There was too much to sift through on headfi but I saw the comments about the hiss.

Shame on the shipping! I was part of the second tier for lowest pricing AND was in the top 3 for most referrals. I opted to get a second pair for free. So I thought I would be one of the first to receive my Mobius but I guess not. :frowning:

It’s understandable from a logistical standpoint to encounter shipping issues, especially coming directly from the factory. But that hiss thing is definitely worrisome. Hope they have a quick fix with up (maybe an update in firmware or some kind of Hz filter).


This is disappointing…I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on these too. Hopefully they communicate soon what the issue is and give a good timeline for shipment. But I would prefer to wait and get a solid pair over a hurried shipment of incomplete sets.


Audeze posted an update about the hiss and shipping on head-fi here. If there is one thing you can say about Audeze its that their customer support is top notch. The Mobius is Sankar’s baby so I’m sure he’s doing everything in his power to make sure its the best experience for everyone!


Wow, they’re setting the bar high for other manufacturers! I don’t have a Mobius on order but I do own an LCD2C. I go back and forth on how much I like it, but this sort of thing makes me feel good about continuing to own it.


Well I got a text saying mine should be delivered today!!


So I got my mobius today!! 2 pairs actually. Are the ear pads glued on? Cause they messed up on mine. I’m noticing that hiss people were mentioning. It’s more static than a hiss but it’s definitely noticeable.


The Earpads are glued on but they are glued onto the copper ring on the cup. It has a little tab on each side

Audeze talked about the the pads in the head-fi thread. I would place pretty good money that they are probably going to be releasing a pad upgrade at some point in the future.

If you haven’t been following the on-going thread on head-fi at all, Audeze has said to contact them if you did receive a unit with hiss. They pulled the rest of the shipments to fix the hiss and they said once those have been fixed and shipped out they would be replacing the ones that were already shipped. They gave a timeline of mid to late August.


I’ve been following the thread and have been in contract with Audeze. Great customer service to boot. They told me to just enjoy the headphones for now and they would be exchanging once they finished fixing the pre shipped units.

They’re pretty great so far and the 3D audio is very cool. It’s a pretty simple concept but it works well. Mic is great as well, except my cat chewed mine up :frowning:


Hopefully the cat modified mic isn’t an issue when they do the swap for you!