Audeze LCD2 Closed-Back Headphone - Official Discussion Thread



As some of you may have seen earlier in the week when a store jumped the gun and leaked it, Audeze has released a closed-back version of their LCD2 Classic. We’ve had it for a couple days now and I know @Ishcabible has a pair as well for review / impressions.

Decided to enjoy my morning breakfast with them and woke up early to get some shots with the sun coming up!

How do you guys feel about the design?

Keeping with Audeze tradition, they are fairly hefty at 560 grams and you can definitely feel the weight when you first put them on.

So far, I have found them to require a fair bit of juice to get them up to proper listening levels. Even though they are closed-back, I couldn’t recommend them as a portable can as the noise isolation isn’t great for outside environments and the only cable that comes with them is almost 2 metres long.


The thing that sticks out the most is low midrange suck out. Male vocals, especially gravely male vocals, lose so much of their body and character because of this. The treble isn’t incredibly recessed or accentuated but does sound kind of uneven. The midrange is very shouty at around 2kHz. Not quite Grado levels, but I can definitely see people finding these uncomfortable.

The bass sticks out as the most prominent part of these headphones. It’s really elevated. Like, if I listen loudly they’ll rumble. It’s fun, but it’s not the most articulate. There is a sub preference rather than a mid bass emphasis. I could see these being awesome for movies…if the low midrange suck out doesn’t bother you.

Compared to the LCD-2C, these sound much less plasticky. They’re smoother overall, despite the shout around 2kHz. They’re much bassier but also less distant. They actually don’t share too many similarities sound-wise. They go for completely different things—these are meant to be exciting while the LCD-2C sounds more relaxing.


Very interesting. Of course the news hits of these a day after I took the closed back plunge and ordered emerald green TH900mk2’s. Response graph even kinda looks Fostexy too.


I almost jumped on a set of Emerald green MK2 myself there was a really good deal on recently.


Interesting. I’ve got a pair for review. I really wanted to like these. I’m trying to work on analogies.
There’s an old saw from back in my college days, that I’m told circulated among the coeds.
Something about the difference between Mr. Right, and Mr. Right Now.

These are clearly neither.

They’re far short of Mr. Right. And they are both better quality and have more issues than Mr. Right Now.