Audeze LCD-XC over-ear planar magnetic Headphones - Official Thread



This is the official spot to talk about the LCD-XC


My current headphone and my favorite so far! I love the closed back sound. I tried the X and LCD4 but open back headphones just aren’t for me. One thing that I did do is get the carbon fiber headband. It makes the XCs much more comfortable for long term listening. The stock headband just digs into my skull.


Awesome. Did yours ship with the carbon fiber headband or did you have to pick one up and make the swap?


I picked it up about 6 months after. Looking at the Audeze website, I see that it’s the default head band now. The one I have doesn’t have the vented holes in the leather like the current ones do.


Ya they did a change-up on all the headbands and earpads. I believe the earpads have memory foam on them now as well.

How’s the low-end on the LCD-XC in comparison to some other close-backs tjat you’ve tried?


I’d say it’s comparable to the Ether C Flow and the Sony MDR Z1R. Though I should say that I’m just going on memory as I haven’t listened to them in months.