Audeze LCD-3 over-ear planar magnetic Headphones - Official Thread



I will definitely, do a write up for the Andromeda, after listening to them for a bit. I’m very excited to give them a go. I picked up an ifi audio iEMatch adapter on the recommendation of @I_want_all_the_tacos on a Reddit post.


You’re not crazy. I have an LCD2C, and theres a dip there that also seems a bit more pronounced because of a bump a little below 1 kHz. I “fixed” mine with the below parametric EQ settings.

  • -2.4dB at 766Hz with Q=1
  • +6.4dB at 4045Hz with Q=1

Since you’re looking at an LCD3 it’s going to be somewhat different, but you could start with Tyll’s Measurements to get an idea. Audeze are known for considerable unit to unit variation, so YMMV.

Here are the results of EQ’ing my LCD2C:


I’ll 2nd the recommendation on the LCD2C. I’ve never actually heard any of the other LCD models, and I did manage to get the LCD2C at its introductory price which changed the value proposition, but I like it. Aside from having that laid back sound, it has great technicalities (fast transient response, low distortion) so you can achieve a different kind of sound with EQ and still enjoy these headphones.

Though I’ve never heard them, I hear a lot of people favorably comparing the Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow Closed to the LCD2C. Might be worth a look as well.


The LCD-X is usually regarded as the most inconsistent of the LCD series. Everyone that has heard multiple pairs has said that every single one sounds different and that it is lottery. If you listen to one you like, that is the one you should buy. I’ve only heard 1 myself and wasn’t particularly impressed.

As others have said, all the LCD series headphones have that same 1-5k dip that to me sounds like a warm, veiled blanket of sound. Very smooth, laid back, and easy to listen to, but it always bugs the hell out of me and I always find them boring to listen to. I believe I have heard every LCD headphone including the LCD-4, LCD-MX4, and LCD-4z. I currently have LCD2C and it is the one headphone I own that I refuse to listen to without EQ. While I do often enjoy EQ to “enhance” some of my other headphones, they are usually close enough to my liking that I don’t feel I need to use it, but with LCD2C it is a requirement. In the end, I am just going to sell LCD2C because even with EQ it doesn’t beat my other headphones like HD800 or Auteur if I apply EQ to those.

That said, I am on the Mobius pre-order so I keep coming back to Audeze hoping to find something that really impresses me.

@DarthPool I really like the iEMatch. It has definitely made source pairings with Andromeda less finicky and now I can basically use Andromeda with any of my sources and not worry about changing sound signature or having hiss.


Either way, Half off MSRP is a hell of a deal.


I know you’ve never been a fan of the Audeze house sound but I can’t blame you. I didn’t mind the LCD-2 Fazor but it was really only good with metal imo. It was bleh with female vocals. I was under the impression that the LCD-X picks up where the 2F falls but I guess if the upper Mids are dipped like that then I’ll pass on them.


Yeah LCD-X didn’t really bring anything extra with the upper mids. I haven’t heard an LCD that didn’t have the upper mid dip, except maybe pre-fazor LCD-2.