Any Guitar Players Here?


That is a beautiful guitar, great color and finish on the body and goes great with the black accent.I had an SG way back in the day. I’m sure you’ll have a great time with that.


Thanks Alan. I am indeed having a great time.


I started playing over 50 years ago and had a standard strat (sunburst) plus a Line 6 Flextone II amp. The amp wasn’t much but the strat was a great guitar. I got arthritis from both sides of my family and playing got more difficult I ended up giving my strat and amp to my oldest son, who just made me a grandfather. I still have an Epiphone acoustic 6 string that is OK.

He owns his own business now and I hope he continues to play. He is very good and should play. Years ago I found him a well used but perfectly functional JCM 900. It had beautiful tone and I loved that amp. He sold it for something that he never should have and still regrets it to this day. He is no longer a kid and understands now but too late for that amp.