Any Guitar Players Here?


That is a beautiful guitar, great color and finish on the body and goes great with the black accent.I had an SG way back in the day. I’m sure you’ll have a great time with that.


Thanks Alan. I am indeed having a great time.


I started playing over 50 years ago and had a standard strat (sunburst) plus a Line 6 Flextone II amp. The amp wasn’t much but the strat was a great guitar. I got arthritis from both sides of my family and playing got more difficult I ended up giving my strat and amp to my oldest son, who just made me a grandfather. I still have an Epiphone acoustic 6 string that is OK.

He owns his own business now and I hope he continues to play. He is very good and should play. Years ago I found him a well used but perfectly functional JCM 900. It had beautiful tone and I loved that amp. He sold it for something that he never should have and still regrets it to this day. He is no longer a kid and understands now but too late for that amp.



There are some interesting new stuffs at NAMM this year. I have specific interest with the Sheeran Guitars by Lowden, Grand Pacific models of Taylor and Fender Telecaster Acoustasonic.

If the Sheeran guitars particularly the S01 or S04 models proved to be good in sound quality, that may be my next purchase. Taylor 517 aint bad as well.


Wouldn’t call myself a player yet… :smile: Learning bass (Sire Marcus Miller V9 Swamp Ash / Orange Crush Bass 50BX)


That’s a sweet rig. Nice to see a bass guitar player here.


That’s a sweet rig.


Really sweet indeed! I’ve been “on the other side” (PA/studio eng) and tone was vital! Really versatile rig.


Oh was that your previous work? Studio engineer?


Yes, though that was loong time ago… I soon realized I would have to move to USA or England to quest for a proper career, but did my fair share of gigs back then.

In fact I went into computers trying to assemble a computer based studio, realized they were crap (90’s, no budget for macs back then), but got hooked to Internet, networking, etc, so moved on to IT.


I see. Now you are back to music but on the front end. :grin:


Yeah! :smile:

I try to keep with the three: as “user” (enjoy music), as eng (DIY & home studio, step daughter plays violin, piano, sings, composes…) and as musician (looooong path yet).


Actually my next project is to setup a simple recording rig myself. I play guitars, my son plays piano and has been learning how to play guitar for almost a year now and my daughter is playing violin. In that aspect, you can probably give me some tips. :grin:


I used to have a Gibson SG, but sold it as its forte is hard rock/heavy metal and it didn’t match my content. It also has a long and heavy neck, which makes it a bit harder to play.

I “downgraded” to two cheaper guitars after demoing a bunch of stuff and deciding on what mattered to me.

Current Setup

Epiphone Wildkat in Wine Red – mellow P90 tone, but the neck is too soft and it requires regular adjustment with weather changes.


Squier Jaguar in White – short 24" scale for the tenor tone found with jangle rock and a lot of alternative rock. I got an unbelievable deal on a used but never played “changed my mind” special. This one is extremely well made and functionally similar to much more pricey guitars (but it has the all the known Jaguar quirks).

Blackstar HT-1R Combo practice amp – tube tone in a small size


I think I have seen that Epiphone in the music store becore. Can’t remember if I played it. Looks wicked. That Blackstar HT-1R is amazing too. I bet this combo sounds great.


These both sound excellent, but Gibson and Fender intentionally put cheaper pickups in their imported Epiphone and Squier lines. Other than the pickups, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference.

I intentionally went in opposite tonal directions with these, and they do come across quite different on the HT-1R. Sounds great at low volume (1 watt can’t do high volume…).



I’m slowly setting up mine, will use an Audient id22 (waiting for cable adapters to test the Loxjie P20 with it). Audient sports really nice D.I. and pres.

id14, a smaller brother of the id22 looks really nice too.

Both can be extended with +8 inputs by hooking an ADAT compatible unit, like ASP800 or ASP880, so in the event of wanting to record a live act, you can rent them.

Is there a home studio thread? To share miking, gear, tips etc?

I’m also after DIY for this, have eyed a nice tube mic preamp powered by 48V PoE by Pete Millett that will come next as soon as she gets more into vocals. (Lundahl tranny is not unexpensive, but would only get Lundahl or Sowter here)


Just received the last adapters and was able to hook an Audient id22 to the Loxjie P20, which I’ve been using with a Behringer SRC2496.

All I can say is… wow.

Great device to double up in use: for home studio (specially if you have electric guitars, great D.I.s!) and high-end DAC, guess the smaller sibling, id14 should sound the same (said by Audient Tech staff theirselves).

Wrote my impressions on The DAC chipsets thread