Any Guitar Players Here?




Joining the thread late…

I’ve been playing guitar for about 45 years. I have an early run PRS CE-24 (solid alder body, no maple top) with some wiring mods, a Custom Shop Telecaster (again - with a couple of wiring mods), an Ibanez Musician 300NT, and a 1969 Martin D-18, and a Republic Highway '61 resonator. I love them all, but do not get enough time to play these days.


I’ve played guitar on and off for over 50 years. Currently on and enjoying it. Currently own 3 Martins.
A D-18GE, OOO-18GE 12 fret custom and a CEO-7 Rosewood custom. Play mostly Travis/finger style. Started playing back during the folk scare of the 60’s. play and listen to mostly acoustic. Alison Krauss, Emmylou Harris, Gordon Lightfoot, etc.


I have a few. My main player is a 1986 Martin HD-28, the grand ol’ lady of the brood. Main electric is a 2011 Rickenbacker 360/6, (going through a VOX AC-15C2.) I sometimes pull out my '86 G&L ASAT, (one of the last of the Leo’s.) When I travel, I take my 2009 Taylor 310ce. I’m thinking of selling the Taylor for a new type D-18. Just can’t get enough of that Martin sound.


Welcome to the thread guys. I see that there many fellow Martin guitars owner here. Did you install pickups on them?


Lately, I have been playing Dust In The Wind frequently. I believe that fingerstyle is Travis picking, is that correct?


Cool guitars. No Gibson electric?


I won no electrics nor have any pickups installed.
Travis picking is a finger style that is mostly defined by it’s steady alternating bass line produced by your thumb.
Fingerstyle pretty much covers styles other than flat picking or strumming.


I had an L6-S that I regret selling to buy the Ibanez. The Ibanez is cool, but I now know I miss the Gibson. I may buy another Gibson in the future - I like the Johnny A model very much but they are quite pricey…


Gotya. I am mostly fingerpicker though I have been practicing some flatpicking lately and doing some solo/lead stuff.


Yep the Gibsons are quite pricey. Currently, I considering a Gibson Les Paul Tribute and a Fender Strat American Special - both of which are sort of entry level American made guitars.


If money were no object (and if I was a bigger human), I would feast my fingers on a Gibson ES-335. So naice!


I’ve played one at the store. Yes it was really nice but heavy. And pricey! :pensive:


I’m not sure where you reside, but sometimes you can get very good deals on Craigslist. Do you have any interest in Gretsch?


I live in Dubai that’s my choices are somewhat limited.


Totally agree with you on the Martin sound!


I’ve played guitar on and off for like 20 years now. I wish I had more time for it. But I always have my Taylor 714ce and Fender Strat (MIM) nearby. Even though I have always liked Taylor acoustics I have been gravitating toward Martins and would eventually love to grab the Clapton signature model.


Hello Andrew - I’m a fellow Takamine owner (ETN70BC) and my playing background is similar to yours, only today my audience is my 2 dogs. They are fairly supportive but they do break my heart sometimes by walking away when I’m struggling to get something right. :slight_smile: Can’t say I blame them, though.


Started @16 with a Hagstrom II Bass, one of the nicest necks ever. Have J bass, P Bass, Jack Casady, with better bridge, Use an SWR baby blue II. Have a pack of little guitar amps, Egnater Rebel, Vox pathfinder 15r, orange crush, modded valve jr, ec fender champ.

Herd of guitars, Strat, tele, epi dot with wcr godwood pickups, epi lp double cut with clear bottom p-90s, epi lp with bigsby and zhangbuckers, epi flametop lp with marshallheads, a Gretsch duojet and a epi hummingbird.


After few weeks of deliveration, I’ve decided to buy myself a Gibson SG Standard. Here she is.